Considering the Cost of Cervical Fusion vs. Disc Replacement

Artificial Cervical Disc Surgery Cheaper Than Fusion — Kevin McKeever HealthDay Posted: 2008-04-28 19:05:04 Note: This article was funded by ADR Manufacturer Medtronic, maker of the FDA Approved prestige Cervical Artificial Disc. The real cost of surgery is not just in the upfront expenses. MONDAY, April 28 (HealthDay News) — Treating cervical degenerative disc disease […]

Which Plastic Water Bottles are Safest?

Choose your water bottles very carefully in order to prevent chemicals in the plastic from leaching into your water. Plastic water bottles are very convenient for carting water around when we are on the go, as they don’t break if we drop them. However, it is worth paying attention to the type of plastic your […]

Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine: Advanced Techniques and Controversies: Expert Consult: Online and Print

Motion Preservation Surgery Text Book by James J. Yue (Author), Rudolph Bertagnoli (Author), Paul C. McAfee (Author), Howard S. An (Author) Book Link: Motion Preservation Surgery This is the most authoritative text available at the time of this writing (August 2008). * Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences * Pub. Date: June 2008 Product Description New motion-preserving […]

Heterotopic Ossification in Total Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement.

Cervical Spine Spine. 31(24):2802-2806, November 15, 2006. Mehren, Christoph MD *; Suchomel, Petr MD, PhD +; Grochulla, Frank MD *; Barsa, Pavel MD +; Sourkova, Petra MD +; Hradil, Jan MD +; Korge, Andreas MD *; Mayer, H Michael MD, PhD * Abstract: Study Design. Prospective clinical study enrolled in 2 centers (Munich and Liberec) […]

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clarity of the Bryan(R), Prodisc-C(R), Prestige LP(R), and PCM(R) Cervical Arthroplasty Devices.

Diagnostics Spine. 32(6):673-680, March 15, 2007. Sekhon, Lali H. S. MBBS, PhD, FRACS *; Duggal, Neil MD, FRCS(C) +; Lynch, James J. MD, FRSC I *; Haid, Regis W. MD ++; Heller, John G. MD [S]; Riew, K Daniel MD [//]; Seex, Kevin MBBS, FRACS, FRCS [P]; Anderson, Paul A. MD ** Abstract: Study Design. […]

Multiple-Level Arthroplasty With PCM Disc May Be as Effective as Single-Level Replacement

Note: This article was originally published in 2005, and is based on a Study done in Brazil. The device used was the PCM from Cervitech. April 20, 2005 (New Orleans) — With two-year follow-up data on just under 100 patients, it appears that multiple-level arthroplasty with the Porous Coated Motion (PCM) cervical disc is as […]

How Soft Drinks (Soda Pop) Destroys Your Health

Soft Drinks are Damaging to Your Health Most people realize that consumption of soft drinks is not healthy, but just how unhealthy often catches them by surprise. Soft Drinks impact your health by: Causing Obesity though the consumption of “Empty Calories” Wear down bones contributing to Osteoporosis Cause Tooth Decay and Erosion Contribute to Heart […]

Dangers of Relying Solely on X-Ray for Diagnosis of Cervical Disc Problems

Case Report Acute Cervical Disc Lesions A 6’6″ tall basketball playing student was involved in a fracas with gate crashers at his sister’s birthday party and was severely beaten up by six soldiers. He subsequently suffered neck and arm pain and was seen at a hospital on several occasions and told that because his pain […]

Video: Lumbar Spinal Fusion for Fracture

Actual Lumbar Spinal Fusion Although the background of this patient is not revealed in the Video it is clearly a trauma as there is discussion of a fracture and whether the patient will regain use of his legs. I am showing this video so those who have not seen spinal surgery can get a “feel” […]

Screening for Prostate Cancer Not Recommended for Elderly Men

NEW YORK – Doctors should stop routine prostate cancer screening of men over age 75 because there is more evidence of harm than benefit, a federal task force advised on a hotly debated topic. The U.S. Preventive Services, which made the recommendation Monday, reported finding evidence that the benefits of treatment based on routine screening […]