How to Pick an Insurance Plan You Can Afford

Consumers need to consider more than just premiums and deductibles By Michelle Andrews FREE INSTANT HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTES: eHealthInsurance People shopping for health insurance often consider little except different plans’ premiums and deductibles. That’s a big mistake, says Nancy Davenport-Ennis, especially in the individual market, where copayments and caps on coverage are increasingly appearing in […]

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

Assert yourself at your next appointment By Trevor Thieme, Best Life 1. Do I really need this test? “Doctors often adhere to a better-safe-than-sorry philosophy, ordering tests just to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit,” says David Sandmire, MD, co-author of Medical Tests That Can Save Your Life. A full 16 percent of […]

Cervical Discogram – Test Report

Cervical Discogram Report I was told not to drink any fluids or eat any food for 2 hours prior to my procedure. I took this advice seriously as I didn’t want to get nausea or throw up with needles stuck in my Neck. Arrival at the Imaging Center I arrived at the outpatient scan center, […]