5 Pain Treatment Methods for Spinal Related Pain

About these Spinal Pain Treatment Modalities

Treatments I list on this page are those I have not investigated throughly. I have not tried these treatments, some mainstream, some alternative. I list them only so that those of you who are visiting the site may have additional access to possible therapies. it’s hard to say I’ve tried everything when there are so many therapies “Out there”. The real problem is not every therapy works for every person. So with that being said I give you this list.

Intrathecal Drug Delivery (Pain Pumps) – This is heavy duty, you do not want this… only the very worst cases may need this treatment.

Spinal Chord Stimulator -Surgically implanted pain treatment devices similar to Intrathecal except they deliver low voltage electrical stimulation instead of drugs.

Radiofrequency and Pulse Radiofrequency – Electromagnetic energy is delivered via a needle to treat nerves for pain.

Phoresis – High frequency sound waves are used to push a steroid medication through the skin. Lontophoresis uses a small machine to produce a mild electrical charge to carry the medicine through the skin.

Spinal Chord Stimulator -Surgically implanted paint

Therapeutic Ultrasound – I’m still learning about how this works. I’ve had both hot and cold Therapeutic Ultrasound and the hot felt great, but I don’t know the side effects if applied improperly. Most of the mainstream medical community would agree there is not real evidence to support this treatment.

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