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This is a blog created for people who are suffering from spinal disorders. The information contained herein is compiled by a spine pain patient for the benefit of other spine pain patients.  Before my journey into Spine Pain hell I was an active individual with little awareness of the devastating problems created when ones spine degenerates or is injured due to trauma.

Since my journey began I have not only investigated/researched Spinal problems (More than 3,000 hours to date) I have tried most of the therapies listed under the Neck Pain Category.  I won’t get into details here as  you’ll find them in each individual post.  But I have tried Facet Blocks, Epidural Injections, Vitamin IV Therapy, Acupuncture, Inversion Therapy, Traction, Yoga, Deep Tissue Therapy (Massage Modality), and on and on.  I have seen several specialists including neurologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, etc. And of course more medications than one should ever be allowed.

I share my experiences with you and the people that have “tried everything” to help enlighten and expand upon your potential treatments.

I am now a huge advocate of Nutritional Therapy as a way to reduce pain!  I have a new found interest and appreciation for other (But related) issues that one could label Integrative or Alternative such as Chinese Traditional Medicine.

The body is a whole, and when one part breaks down it is not just failure of that part. For example: No matter how good the engine on your car, it won’t drive up and down the road without oil!  Every part of the body plays it’s role in the whole.

So why the name Health Synergy Rx?

  • Health = Health
  • Synergy = Combining Treatments for More Powerful Results
  • RX = The Prescription for Your Health

What You Get By Using the Resources Here at HealthSynergyRx.com

You’ll find articles and reviews on Pain Treatment Therapies (Emphasis on relieving Back and Neck Pain), Nutrition (Including Organic Foods and Vitamins), Environmental Issues (Cosmetics and Pollution), General Health Practices, and Scientific Research to support any or all of these areas which are so important to your health.

If you don’t have something simple and easily remedied through the prescription pad you often get no help. You are on your own to figure out how to treat your own problem.

The HealthSynergyRX blog is not a tirade against physicians – it’s really just a mirror of how the medical community treats people. Unless you are famous or extremely wealthy you are nothing more than a number on a patient file. There are many cases where they (Doctors) do obtain a diagnosis and send you on your merry way with a prescription for this or that… but for the rest of us we are left to find out own treatments and cures. Maybe the prescription pad helps the symptoms, but it certainly doesn’t cure anything. And there is so much potential for the side effects to hurt you in other ways.

So my research began. And it started with Nutrition and then spread to many physical modalities. Things I could to to help myself, or things that I could do with the help of “hands on” therapy. Along the way I uncovered some amazing information, some enlightening and some disheartening.

I have discovered MANY TREATMENTS that are either being suppressed because there isn’t much money to be made from them by the mainstream medical community (Nutrition is a perfect example) or they are not “Proven” so they get dismissed entirely. The United States Medical System operates on an “Evidence Based” Philosophy which is generally a good thing, but can exclude options which may still help.  Medicine is not perfect, Doctors are not perfect. And no one has a Drug Deficiency!  People in pain have undiagnosed conditions or conditions that are not easily cured.

Think about this for a moment. Prescription drugs come from Authority figures, are regulated, and can be sold for pretty much any price to patients who “need” them. Billions upon billions are being pumped into the Pharmaceutical Industry. You can’t really say that for vitamins! I am not claiming that vitamins are any more of a cure than drugs, but they have been more effective for me in certain situations. The bottom line is your body must heal itself. But you have to give your body the fuel and the exercise to make this happen. Doctors can play a role in the process in determining a diagnosis or performing surgery, but that’s it.

Remember that surgery is simply removing a body part or repairing a body part mechanically. It’s your body that does the healing.

So please join me in my quest to share Health Information that may put you on the path to recovery for your own Health Condition.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing on HealthSynergyRX is intended to cure or treat a disease. After all we all know that ONLY Drugs can cure disease as defined by the FDA. Information is for research purposes only and not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. I AM NOT A DOCTOR.