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Anti Aging SupplementsAging, Death, Taxes, you know the cliché’. Life is about quality not quantity. You’re own personal belief in spirituality will take care of death; our discussion is about anti aging nutrition strategy including supplements and education. The reality is we are always and continually aging and while it can not be stopped, the point is to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

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Nicholas V. Perricone MD, FACN – Dr. Perricone is a Board Certified Dermatologist with an interest in Nutrition and Aging. As a Dermatologist he knows more than a little about anti aging skin care, yet his focus is “internal”, treating aging with Nutrition and supplements. He is a strong advocate of anti-inflammatory foods for life extension and weight loss. Featured on National Talk shows and a contributing author to the Life Extension Foundation. I have not used any of his products; perhaps he is just selling out for profit? I have heard him speak and read his books so I’m including this information so you can decide for yourself.

Life Extension Foundation – With a primary focus on Nutritional Supplementation (Yes they sell their own vitamins) and optimal wellness the contributing editors are at the forefront of anti-aging medicine. Their monthly magazine is required reading for anyone who wants quality of life AND quantity of life.

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Most Older Adults Use Alternative Healthcare and Anti Aging Nutrition Strategies

A Reuters Health News release on April 11, 2005 reported on a new study that shows that more than 70 percent of adults aged 50 or older use some type of non medical care that the report referred to as “alternative therapy”. This alternative therapy relies heavily on the use of anti aging supplements. The author of the study, Dr. Gong-Soog Hong, who is based at Ohio State University in Columbus, noted that she was surprised to see so many older adults turning to alternative treatments, “The percentage of older adults who used alternative medicine was higher than I expected.”

Dr. Hong and her team used data from the 2000 Health and Retirement Survey, conducted by the University of Michigan and funded mainly by the National Institute on Aging. The article noted that many of the people who were turning to non-medical forms of care were in poor health and did not get help from medical care. When asked why so many were turning to alternative care, Dr. Hong responded, “So when conventional medicine cannot give you an answer, sometimes you turn to alternatives.”

The study involved interviews of 848 people aged 50 and above about their use of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, breathing exercises, herbal medicine and meditation. The results showed that 71% percent of respondents said they had tried at least one of the six types of alternative therapy. The most popular remedy was chiropractic care, used by 43 percent of older adults. The research showed that the least used type of care on the list was acupuncture. Dr. Hong theorized that this might well be because few insurance companies cover it.

Respondents to the survey said they were more likely to use one of the forms of care if their health was poor and their daily activity was affected. Of those who described their health as poor, 65 percent said they considered the alternative care as preventive or curative. This represents a higher percentage than among the general population. Additionally, about 63 percent of respondents said that one of the reasons for their choice was that they were not satisfied with their medical health care.

Editors Note: This should come as no surprise. Hopefully those of you visiting our site will realize the secret to glowing skin as we age is not some anti aging skin care treatment; rather it’s the use of proper nutrition and supplementation in our diets. As we age many doctors with poor bedside manner will simply attribute everything to “aging” with silly statements like “it’s just part of growing old”. Trust me on this one! I have degenerative disc disease and it’s onset is earlier than for most individuals. I can not tell you how aggravating it is when an doctor – a Neurosurgeon in my case just says – “It’s just part of the aging process”. Then walks away as if it’s okay that I’m hurting because it’s natural to hurt because of my age. That’s BS and we all know it. So we seek the care of people who will at least try to help us. Many times this comes in the form of Chiropractic care, or other alternative therapies like acupuncture. I have used Chiropractic care – Traditional and NUCCA and while it has not cured my condition I do believe I have derived some benefit from the process. And the bedside manner of both puts the Neurosurgeons to shame. Please take just a moment to peek to the top of this and every page and read the quote by Sir William Osler Professor of medicine at Oxford University.

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