Air Filtration Equipment by IQ Air

Review of the HealthPro Plus Air Filtration System by IQ Air

IQ Air Filtration System

IQ Air Filtration System

I own an IQ Air HealthPro Plus which runs constantly in my bedroom. It cost almost $800! I wish I could afford another for my home office but I can’t afford it! Before I go any further with this review I want to say this – this was one of the best investments I have ever made. I do not sell these devices, but maybe I should. Neighbor fires up the BBQ Grill and I have left the bedroom window open – Yuk a bedroom full of lighter fluid smell! Normally this would make for a miserable night, but now NO PROBLEM! Shut the window, turn the IQ Air on setting 6 and in a couple of minutes NO SMOKE SMELL! This air cleaner is awesome!

I chose to keep mine in the bedroom, because that is where I spend the most amount of time, and I figure breathing the cleanest possible air at night while I sleep is of more importance than the few hours a day I spend in my Home Office. The unit is actually portable (It comes with casters), but even so it’s very inconvenient to move it from room to room each day.

I am saving so I can purchase a second unit. I might also ad (although there isn’t room to elaborate on every machine out there) that IQ Air products are used in hospitals and I researched this product extensively before purchasing. It does not ionize the air creating dangerous Ozone particles. This is also the company that was featured on ABC Televisions Hit TV Show Home makeover. They used an IQ Air system in a baby’s room and a custom designed system for the whole house so a chronically ill child could be brought home from the Hospital.

Personally I try not to recommend too many products, and I never recommend any product I have not tested or own. This is the real deal. I am blown away by how much cleaner the Air is in my room. And the way I tell is that my Television Screen only requires light dusting every 7 to 10 days (Because I turn the filter system off when I’m not in the room). The reason I turn it off when I am not in the room is due to the cost of replacement cartridges, and the speed with which I can filter the air upon entering.

Before the filter the TV would have a layer of dust on it every day! If I ran the machine all the time I probably would only have to dust the TV lightly once per month. The downside to the IQ Air is it makes wind noise. At night I set it to it’s lowest level (level 1 of 6) and it’s quiet enough to not bother me. Again please note I am not compensated in any way for this endorsement. IQ Air probably doesn’t even know this website exists. But if you have Allergies or Sinusitis I’d highly recommend you get one of these and start filtering the air in your home. After reading that new carpet can emit toxic fumes including formaldehyde for up to 5 years from the time of installation (as can many of the materials in furniture and bedding) I chose to get the model with the gas filtration module as well.


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