Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD PE

This is neither light reading nor is it general in scope. This is a very specific text of information for those who have Amalgam fillings (For those of you who don’t know Amalgam is the Silver material used to fill teeth where cavities are drilled out). Amalgam is about half mercury, and mercury is a Toxic poison. There is no dietary need for mercury in the human body. We will leave our discussion about mercury to another area of the site and continue on with what this book can do for you.

Now I am neither a genius nor a dullard, but I can tell you this book is written as a reference not a step-by-step “How To”. Anyone who believes they have Amalgam Poisoning needs to get this book and GET IT FAST. If you are too ill to read it yourself get a compassionate (And that means a person who is on your side and will back you no matter what) friend or relative to read it for you or with you. This book is designed as an aid for both you and your doctor (and how to find a doctor that is willing to help) to discover if you really do have Amalgam Illness and how it can be treated so you can be cured. The key is determining if you really have the Amalgam Illness.

Personally I purchased and read this book because I had over 21 Amalgam surfaces in my mouth (in 13 teeth some as old as 24 years). There are specific protocols that MUST be followed by your dentist when removing Amalgam. When you see the word Amalgam I recommend you think DANGER! Removal is not to be taken lightly. Again this is not the place to discuss removal protocol, it’s about the book. I found the book invaluable in helping me decide how to proceed. I chose to have all my Amalgam removed and replaced with composite materials. While I do not believe I have/had full blown Amalgam illness I do believe that I was showing some signs of potential mercury poisoning. After learning what I could about the potential problems caused by mercury (And this book will outline plenty of dangers and how they effect the biochemistry of the body) I chose to take the safe course, follow protocol and get them the hell out of my mouth. You’ll have to decide for yourself. But if there is even the slightest bit of doubt buy this book and read it as soon as you can. Dr. Cutler is not just a noted Chemist he’s a survivor of Amalgam Illness, and while he doesn’t write it full blown Dr. Terms he also doesn’t write in a manner that is too difficult to understand. Had you been assigned this book to read in High School Chemistry it would bore you, but if you think you have Amalgam illness you will devour it like I did.

This book is also meant to be used by your doctor to help determine if you have the illness, to what extent, and how to cure your of the disease. Please take special note: This is a real disease (The ADA can kiss my rosy red ass) that does affect a small percentage of the population, and there is hope. It’s tough to get help in a climate of ignorance and denial, but this is help so don’t turn it away.

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