BackPain News – 17th Edition

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  1. Jamie Earl says:

    Looking at L5 S1 deteriorated disc….age 54. If I was to have surgery….what types are out there???? What would costs actually be from surgery to recovery……PT etc???? what is the worst case scenario???? Can you help????? Thanks in advance ….Also I am located in Philadelphia, PA area Sincerely James

    • Nearly everyone has a degenerated L4/5 by age 45. Not everyone has symptoms. Surgery may or may not be the solution. Obviously you want to avoid it. Lumbar Spine Surgery may require an approach from the front… moving organs out of the way. Depends on what you need. Being the last disc fusion may or may not be warranted. Only a Doctor can really tell you. The first thing you need to do is actually isolate the source of your pain. It may or may not be disc related so surgery may or may not help.

      Fortunately for you one of the Teaching Physicians for the Synthesis Spine Prodisc – L is in your area:

      Richard Balderston, MD
      Pennsylvania Hospital
      Philadelphia, PA

      I have no idea how hard it will be to get in to see him or if he is even seeing new patients. I am not a Doctor. My advice would be to work with your Primary Care Physician to locate a Physiatrist. Get a full evaluation on your condition including imaging studies. Once you have done this you’ll be ready to approach 2 surgeons for a surgical consult. Surgeons are not diagnosticians they will only tell you if they see you as a surgical candidate or not.

      Pricing is all over the place. The primary costs are the Hospital and Hardware. Physicians fees could run as low as a few thousand to a hundred thousand. It really depends on your case.

      I would definitely consider a Artificial Disc Replacement before any other kind of hardware that immobilizes the joint. But this is my opinion and again I am NOT a Physician.

      Dr. Jho is also in your area and my be a good person to contact as he specializes in minimally invasive treatments, is well known, but may also be very hard to get into see.

      If you get to the point that you need an ADR and the above can not help you I would recommend Mark Mintzer at … he is the man to talk to about Surgery in Germany.

      So in summary, I have no I idea what will work for you, I am not a Physician, and Surgery is always the last resort. It doesn’t always work.

  2. Paloma I. Boyer says:

    Very useful article. In my job, I am working many hours in front of my PC screen, and I get back pain frequently. Thanks a lot!

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