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Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods company makes over 400 products catering to the upscale health foods marketplace.  While you will typically find Bobs Red Mill products in Health Food Stores you may also find them in some Walmart locations.  That’s an interesting marketing model for sure – low end to high end.  But what does it mean?  It means that you don’t have to be wealthy to appreciate quality foods.

Personally, I enjoy the Bobs Red Mill Organic extra thick oatmeal.  For a 32 ounce package you’ll pay about $4 plus tax.  That’s about $2 a pound compared to the cost of Quaker Oats in Bulk at Costco for about $70 cents a pound.  So there is a definite premium to be paid not only for the “Organic” quality, but for the boutique type of product.  But in my view it’s worth it and here is why.  2 pounds of oatmeal is about 8 very large servings.  So that’s only 50 cents per serving to eat the very best oatmeal.  Compare that to the other foods in your diet on a per meal basis and you’ll find the cost of eating organic oatmeal from Bob’s pretty cheap!  Throw in the fact that these are “extra thick” which means more chewy and less pasty and you have a real winning combination.

For my daily breakfast I like to include a quarter cup of blueberries (or other in season fruit), banana slices (almond slices are great too), a sprinkle of cinnamon, a few teaspoons of honey, and freshly made almond milk (from the Vitamix).  This combination of nutrition just can’t be beat – yummy, filling, and packed with nutrients.

Bobs Red Mill gluten free products are also among the very best, but y0u’ll pay a significant premium for these above and beyond the premium paid for Bobs Organics.  For some people this is simply not an option financially, but for those that must eat gluten free and can afford the prices this is a god send.

Sadly most of Bobs Red Mill recipes advocate the use of Canola oil which in my view is toxic poison.  Sure Canola Oil looks healthy on paper, but it’s crap cheap junk oil.  Canola oil is made from a Genetically Modified Rape Seed… and I’m not going to get into why it’s such unhealthy crap oil here, only that it’s very disappointing that an otherwise good manufacturer could advocate it’s use.

Back on point – if you are looking for a very tasty wholesome Organic Oatmeal give the “Extra Thick” Bobs Red Mill Oatmeal a try.  I’ve tried many types of Oatmeal (Including Coaches Oats) and it simply doesn’t compare.

And before I forget… try the Organic Quinoa Flour to really boost the nutrition profile of your baked goods.


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  1. Love the Extra Thick Oatmeal… no dust, no residue, great texture!

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