Campbell’s Brand “Select Harvest Soup” is a Fraud!

Campbells wants you to believe their “Select Harvest” soups do not contain MSG.  But it’s a total Fraud.  They contain “Yeast Extract” which contains MSG.

Read the tiny print on their website:

* Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract.

MSG is MSG.  Naturally occurring or not, MSG is potentially very dangerous. Cigarette smoke from Naturally Occurring Tobacco is as dangerous as Cigarette Smoke from name brand cigarettes.  So many companies bury the fact that their products contain MSG in “hidden” names like Yeast Extract.

Why does Campbell try and trick people?  Why use Yeast Extract at all.  It’s not a necessary ingredient in soup. This is a very dangerous practice and injures and hurts people who are allergic to MSG.

Corporate Responsibility is an Oxymoron with Campbells Soup.

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Giant Food Corporations care about one thing: PROFIT!  They do NOT nor will they EVER care about YOUR HEALTH.

Buy Organic and eat FRESH not out of cans, boxes, or other packages.

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