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Can you use EFT Tapping for Losing Weight?

Can you use EFT Tapping for Losing Weight

In these troubled times, stress comes from all sides. People are used to living with it rather than finding a solution to get rid of it. One of the worst effects of stress is destroying people’s health.

Stress does this in many ways and one of them is overeating. The food today is made to be stress relief. People eat not because they are hungry, but because they feel bad and need something to make them better.

After a while they find themselves obese and with a need to do something immediately. They try different techniques, but none of them seems to work. If you’re one of these people, you might or might not have heard about the technique called lose weight with Tapping. Some might think this is a joke so they instantly google to see if it works. That’s how you probably got here, too.

In this article, we’ll answer this question and elaborate on why we think like this. Follow up if you want to know more!

Does EFT tap work?

First, you need to know what this means. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. One of the most famous of them is the acupuncture known all over the world. Tapping is a less known and relatively new technique.

It is done very simply. All you have to do is tap certain points on your body, and this will make you feel better. However, you can’t do it anywhere, you must know what are the precise points are, just like in acupuncture.

The idea is to affect these points. Our body is made of millions of nerves that all have connecting places. Stimulating them will lead to a chain reaction that goes throughout the body.

What are these points?

The main starting point is called the karate chop. Start by tapping that one as a sort of warm-up and then continue with the rest of the points which are – one eyebrow, side of an eye, under an eye, under the nose, chin point, collarbone, and under the arm.

These are the seven main points. There are 12 altogether, but consider the rest of them as an advanced level. You don’t need them for the beginner level. See more on this on the link.

All of them represent an organ and tapping them should relief from stress, pain, and stimulate self-control.

How does it work for food?

The main idea is to prevent the feeling of food-need. By choosing and doing this technique, you’ll get relaxed and forget about the need for food. The worst-case scenario would be to keep on thinking about it, but spending more time doing this will make you busy doing it.

However, experts say that EFT techniques work for almost everyone and if you do it properly and regularly, you can be sure that the feeling will go away.


Can you use EFT Tapping for Losing Weight

What does science say about this?

When we feel hunger because of stress it’s a matter of chemical reaction happening inside our bodies. When we’re stressed, the body needs carbohydrates. The carbs are full of tryptophan which is the main ingredient of serotonin. This hormone is known as the happiness hormone because it creates a feeling of joy, happiness, and freedom.

That’s all great so far, the problem is that when the effect of the tryptophan vanishes, the side effects start to emerge, and they are much more problematic than the short serotonin boost. When happiness passes, a much bigger problem is created by the other ingredients of the food rises to the surface. They make a much greater problem and even harder coping with stressful situations.

A technique like tapping is much welcomed for anyone trying to overcome these problems. Learn more about coping with stress here:


The conclusion would be – yes, EFT tapping helps. It helps a lot. Everyone who’s struggling with stress and have tried many different ways to resolve this problem and failed should try this one.

The tapping takes almost no time, wastes just a little energy, and makes you feel better after doing it. Just like acupuncture, but without all the needles and complex procedures. Be your own master and make yourself feel better.