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Imaging Device to Detect CancersSupposedly 33 to 50% of adults in the USA will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime! The statistics for all kinds of cancer related deaths are on the rise! Cancer Treatment is ongoing and unproven. Cancer Research continues at a rapid pace yet the ability to cure some cancers is dismal in comparison to others. If you are not concerned; you should be, cancer is an insidious horrible way to die. While no one knows the exact cause of cancers research is helping to find treatments to extend both quantity and quality of life. The most effective cancer treatment is prevention!

Cancer Research – Introduction to how to use this page?

Thankfully I personally at this time do not have cancer. However many family members have suffered from Breast Cancer and even Bone Cancer. I am doing everything I can nutritionally and lifestyle wise to prevent the onset of any form of this insidious disease. You will hear time and again there is no cure for cancer! I’m not sure that is true. I believe many cancers can be cured and not with Chemotherapy (Although I do believe that Chemo has it’s place – and I’d bet the Cyclist Lance Armstrong would agree), but with Nutrition and early detection accompanied by appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. You may think this is all bullshit – then this information won’t help you until you open your mind.

I am listing many articles that may benefit you depending on the type of cancer you have or are researching. I did not write these articles, I can not say that they will or will not help you. Occasionally I will publish articles I personally do not agree with 100% because I feel there is enough beneficial information contained within to merit inclusion. Keep in mind I AM NOT A DOCTOR nor do I profess to be such, I publish my research for your benefit. What you do with this research is entirely up to you.

These articles may be written by Doctors, Clinics, or individuals who are promoting their own materials (books, diets, clinics, etc.) or by individuals who have suffered from the disease and simply want to share their experiences. I have broken the articles into Topics by type of Cancer.

Suggested Helpful Cancer Research Reading:

Cancer and Health: It’s all about the Cell – This one is also worth a look.

Richardson Cancer Diet – Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD., CN

You should find your answers from mainstream medicine alone. I have a close friend whose mother was diagnosed with Cancer that had spread throughout her body. She was told without chemotherapy she had about 3 months to live. She chose to NOT undergo Chemo and instead found a ND and completely changed her diet. I am happy to report that nearly 4 years later she is still with us, however I am sad to report she is not completely cancer free. I have a neighbor who chose Chemo and her cancer has been in remission for 6 years now. So don’t discount either approach, keep an open mind and try and counsel with family, friends, doctors, and spiritual advisors and chose the method you think is best for you. This is a perfect example of Health Synergy. Choose the treatment option you believe will benefit you the most – don’t let others tell you what to do. It’s your life.

I’ve decided this page was simply too large so I’m breaking out additional information into separate posts.

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