TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine A whole different world of treatment opportunities to vast to cover in a single post. Start with this link for information on Ayurvedic Medicine TCM Traditional Chinese Another system of Medicine that has been around for thousands of years, but today typically falls into the realm of “Alternative Medicine” in the eyes of […]

Suprascapular Nerve Block Effectively Treats Shoulder Pain

Suprascapular nerve block with bupivacaine and methylprednisolone acetate is a safe and effective treatment for shoulder pain experienced by patients with degenerative disease and arthritis, say Australian and Irish researchers. These painful conditions can be difficult to manage, and are also common causes of morbidity, the researchers note, but there have so far been limited […]

Cryoanalgesia – Cryoneuroablation – Cryoneurolysis,

Basic Description of Cryoanalgesia Cryoanalgesia is a pain-relieving technique which uses cold to treat nerve pain. It’s been around for centuries, and in its crudest form, uses ice to numb nerves. The more sophisticated, current type of cryoanalgesia uses a needle-like probe to deliver very, very cold sensation and thereby incapacitate nerves. Detailed Description of […]


Practical Advice for Dealing with Stress This is for real! Avoid the drugs. Deal with your issues head on. LET GO! The Dali Lama (I am not a follower, but appreciate his wisdom) has said Follow the three R’s: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all. Love what you do and do what […]

Faith and Spirituality

We Are All Spiritual Beings Regardless of your religion at a molecular level we are all atoms, beings that are electro chemical. Faith, energy, our brains, mood, stress, all play a role in healing. When we are emotionally stable and emotionally healthy we feel better, and we can heal faster. Practice your religion, follow your […]

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery is any surgical procedure done with an Endoscope and a minimal incision. Unfortunately the definition varies, and an Endoscopic procedure can end up in a full incision depending on the procedure and needs of the patient. As far as this applies to Spinal Procedures it’s main meaning is to remove only […]

Facet Joint Blocks

Graphic Image of a Facet Joint A Facet Joint is a joint between two adjacent vertebrae. Each vertebra is connected at the intervertebral disk in the front and the two facet joints in the back. Facet Joints are the bony masses connected to the vertebrae in the image above. Facet Joints are prone to wear […]

Spinal Traction

Traction is a gentle consistent pressure that is applied to “Pull” the spine segments apart gently reducing pressure on the discs and adjacent materials. Traction can be performed manually by a trained medical professional or through the use of a traction device or machine. I have used both an over the door ratcheting system (Neck […]

Hydro Therapy – Aqautic Therapy for Pain Relief and Exercise

Benefits of Hydro Therapy Hydro Therapy is simply the use of warm water to help us relax or exercise or both. Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Therapy Pools, and even your Home Bathtub can serve as appropriate vehicles for this purpose. Today’s “Hot Tub” contains dozens of jets that can feel wonderful and allow us to […]

Massage Thereapy Treatments for Back and Neck Pain

Note: See Also My Post on Myofascial Release Different Types of Massage Treatments Deep Tissue – Targets deep layers of muscles and connective tissue Rolfing – A specific form of deep tissue work Trigger Point Therapy – Addresses Adhesions in the muscles Swedish – most common, long smooth strokes and kneading, circular motions Shiatsu – […]

UltraSound for Pain

High frequency sound waves are directed to the sore area causing the body tissues (molecules) to vibrate. This changes to heat in the deeper tissues helping to flush the area and bring in a new supply of nutrient and oxygen rich blood. I’ve had this treatment and it feels wonderful, but the effects did not […]

Ergonomics – Maintain Your Posture Maintain Your Health

Are You Ready for a Rude Awakening If you have Spinal Problems (Neck or Back) you have bad posture! Have someone video tape you sitting on the sofa, working on your computer, eating dinner, just the everyday activities you do all day long! Then watch that video and you’ll be amazed at how you slump, […]