20 Ways Hospitals Overcharge Patients

Here is how to find a Medical Biling Advocate in your State who can help you keep from being taken advantage of by Hospitals.  Keep in mind these Advocates may charge fees.  Medical Billing Advocates of America. Note:  We are in no way associated with this company nor are we paid referral fees.  We have […]

Cervical Discogram – Test Report

Cervical Discogram Report I was told not to drink any fluids or eat any food for 2 hours prior to my procedure. I took this advice seriously as I didn’t want to get nausea or throw up with needles stuck in my Neck. Arrival at the Imaging Center I arrived at the outpatient scan center, […]

Considering the Cost of Cervical Fusion vs. Disc Replacement

Artificial Cervical Disc Surgery Cheaper Than Fusion — Kevin McKeever HealthDay Posted: 2008-04-28 19:05:04 Note: This article was funded by ADR Manufacturer Medtronic, maker of the FDA Approved prestige Cervical Artificial Disc. The real cost of surgery is not just in the upfront expenses. MONDAY, April 28 (HealthDay News) — Treating cervical degenerative disc disease […]

Dangers of Relying Solely on X-Ray for Diagnosis of Cervical Disc Problems

Case Report Acute Cervical Disc Lesions A 6’6″ tall basketball playing student was involved in a fracas with gate crashers at his sister’s birthday party and was severely beaten up by six soldiers. He subsequently suffered neck and arm pain and was seen at a hospital on several occasions and told that because his pain […]

Screening for Prostate Cancer Not Recommended for Elderly Men

NEW YORK – Doctors should stop routine prostate cancer screening of men over age 75 because there is more evidence of harm than benefit, a federal task force advised on a hotly debated topic. The U.S. Preventive Services, which made the recommendation Monday, reported finding evidence that the benefits of treatment based on routine screening […]

Neurography – Specialized MRI of the Nerves

Has anyone heard of Neurography? It’s not suprising if you have not, and even less surprising if your Doctor has not mentioned Neurography Scans. While it’s been around since 1992 the Doctor who “invented” and thus patented these scan sequences (Done on standard MRI equipment) isn’t about to give it up for the “general good”. […]

Digital Motion X-Ray – Diagnose the Cervical Spine in Motion

Digital Motion X-Rays – Seeing Ligament Damage Static X-Rays Miss This is not a treatment rather a diagnostic test to show instability and injury that a typical static X-Ray may not disclose. While generally applicable to patients in auto accidents and trauma (Due to the high incidence of ligament damage) this may be a viable […]

PH Testing – Is Your Body PH Balanced? Do You Know About Alkaline and Acidic Foods?

Is your PH Balanced? Find out by testing with an inexpensive and highly accurate home testing kit. An alkaline balance of 7.35 to 7.45 is optimal for continued health, and acidic body is a diseased body. The test kits used for home ph testing like the ph stix (phstix?) pictured will give you are pretty […]

MRI Reports and Terminology

Radiologists terminology used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reports is confusing to say the least. Use this page to decipher your MRI Report. Keep in mind no two Radiologists will use the same terminology to describe the the same report. It’s the Radiologist job to write an MRI Report and summary, it is your physicians job […]

How an Upright MRI Could Mean the Difference Between and Accurate Diagnosis and Continued Suffering

An Upright MRI Shows the Spine Under “Load” Take a Look at the Images below of the SAME Patient. The first is taken with a Traditional Supine Recumbent “Lie Down” MRI and the second with an UPRIGHT (Stand Up MRI). In the first image you’ll see there is fluid in the Thecal Sac (the “white […]

Chelation Therapy The Unproven – Proven Therapy

Chelation therapy involves oral chelation or intravenous administration of an agent to bind toxic metals and excrete them from the body. For example: EDTA Chelation Therapy. The other agents (Water, Vitamins, etc.) that are used in the EDTA Chelation Therapy Solution are designed to “boost” the treatments value. As the EDTA removes calcium deposits it […]

Impedance Cardiography – Painless Noninvasive Heart Test

A Noninvasive Way to Monitor Hemodynamics (sub chapter of cardiovascular physiology). In short a painless way to test the blood flow of your heart without the use of a catheter. The Impedance Cardiography test is not painful and yields results that would otherwise require a very invasive procedure. I have had this test and it […]