20 Ways Hospitals Overcharge Patients

Here is how to find a Medical Biling Advocate in your State who can help you keep from being taken advantage of by Hospitals.  Keep in mind these Advocates may charge fees.  Medical Billing Advocates of America. Note:  We are in no way associated with this company nor are we paid referral fees.  We have […]

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

Assert yourself at your next appointment By Trevor Thieme, Best Life 1. Do I really need this test? “Doctors often adhere to a better-safe-than-sorry philosophy, ordering tests just to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit,” says David Sandmire, MD, co-author of Medical Tests That Can Save Your Life. A full 16 percent of […]

5 Painful Facts You Need to Know

By Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience Managing Editor http://www.livescience.com/health/080725-pain-facts.html 5 Painful Facts You Need to Know First off, let’s set the record straight: Pain is normal. About 75 million U.S. residents endure chronic or recurrent pain. Migraines plague 25 million of us. One in six suffer arthritis. The global pain industry peddles more than $50 billion […]

A Doctor that Specializes in Pain Management is a Physiatrist!

A Physiatrist (Pain Management Doctor) is the specialist to help you with non-surgical “conservative” treatments to reduce pain. These Doctors use many injection therapies and do no “cure” pain, they only treat it. Do not confuse Physiatrist with a Psychiatrist or Psychologist who treat mental disorders – not pain.

5 Pain Treatment Methods for Spinal Related Pain

About these Spinal Pain Treatment Modalities Treatments I list on this page are those I have not investigated throughly. I have not tried these treatments, some mainstream, some alternative. I list them only so that those of you who are visiting the site may have additional access to possible therapies. it’s hard to say I’ve […]

Exercise – Exercise Therapies – Yoga – Tai Chi

General Exercise The body is designed for movement and movement aids healing, just don’t over do it! You have to remember there is no blood flow to the discs so if you do not move, the spinal fluid does not move! Your road to recovery will be much slower or non-existent without some form of […]

Heat and Cold Packs

Ice or Heating Pads bring temporary relief to some, but are not very effective in the treatment of chronic pain (at least not for me). Be sure to get advice on the correct use of these modalities from your Physician or Physical Therapist. Too much or too little may not be effective and may make […]

Occipital Nerve Blocks for Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic Headaches The cervical spine and associated muscular support of the head interwoven with vessels and nerve supply in the head and upper extremities, compose a complex structure with many sites for the generation of pain. A reduction in the space in which nerves pa ss through or lie can result in pain and loss […]

Cryoanalgesia – Cryoneuroablation – Cryoneurolysis,

Basic Description of Cryoanalgesia Cryoanalgesia is a pain-relieving technique which uses cold to treat nerve pain. It’s been around for centuries, and in its crudest form, uses ice to numb nerves. The more sophisticated, current type of cryoanalgesia uses a needle-like probe to deliver very, very cold sensation and thereby incapacitate nerves. Detailed Description of […]

Faith and Spirituality

We Are All Spiritual Beings Regardless of your religion at a molecular level we are all atoms, beings that are electro chemical. Faith, energy, our brains, mood, stress, all play a role in healing. When we are emotionally stable and emotionally healthy we feel better, and we can heal faster. Practice your religion, follow your […]

Hydro Therapy – Aqautic Therapy for Pain Relief and Exercise

Benefits of Hydro Therapy Hydro Therapy is simply the use of warm water to help us relax or exercise or both. Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Therapy Pools, and even your Home Bathtub can serve as appropriate vehicles for this purpose. Today’s “Hot Tub” contains dozens of jets that can feel wonderful and allow us to […]


Acupuncture Videos to Help You Understand How it Works My Experience with Acupuncture Works for some to help with pain. I tried Acupuncture with electrical therapy (At a Chiropractors Office” and it did nothing for me, but he person doing the work may not have been fully schooled as to the proper treatment. I then […]