Prescription Medications – Drugs

The Scary Truth About Prescription Drugs This should go without saying, but some people don’t really understand the purpose of Prescription Medications and their role in healing. Drugs treat symptoms, drugs do NOT CURE, only the body can cure. It’s really just that simple. Drugs are foreign to the body, synthetic substances created to alleviate […]

Electrical Stimulation Thereapy & TENS Electrical Neural Stimulation

TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation Based on the theory that the electrical stimulation pulses get to the central nervous system faster than the pain messages so you (in effect) feel the stimulation, but not the pain. It’s also believed that endorphins are released from the brain to help reduce your discomfort. TENS is considered a […]

Relieve your Aches and Pains with a Home Infrared Sauna

Have You Enjoyed the Relaxing Soothing Feel of a Home Sauna? Note: Far Red or Infrared Sauna is NOT heated to 170 degrees like the traditional rocks/water type sauna many people think of, can be installed anywhere you have space, and requires almost no maintenance. Close your eyes, relax and remember the last time you […]

Migraine Headaches – Migraine Relief & Migraine Treatment

Migraine Headaches can occur with or without AURA. Diagnosis is often difficult and can refer pain to areas that would otherwise not be suspect. I have read extensively about Migraine Headaches or the migraine condition. I have yet to find a single concise definition of Migraine Headaches. Many believe they have Migraines, but really don’t. […]

Low Intensity Laser Therapy – Low Level Cold Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy Technology to treat chronic and acute pain is no longer science fiction. What was unheard of only a few years ago is not available and helping to provide relief to patients who have found no relief elsewhere. You may want to give Laser Pain relief a try. While not a new […]

Avicenna Laser Technology for Pain Management

A couple of years back I was contacted by an Avicenna Representative about listing information about their new Pain Treatment Laser Technology. I agreed to link to their site. As of this posting July 2008, I have not tried the technology. There are simply not enough trained Physicians near where I live. However I believe […]

Viagra and Blindness

Viagra is a Scary Proposition I am posting this message as a warning. There are so many idiots selling FAKE Viagra online. As if the REAL VIAGRA is not scary enough. Do you think being Blind is a serious side effect? NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – In a new study, US researchers describe seven patients […]

Drugs & Prescription Medications

Drugs are synthetic artificial substances designed to “override” a causative injury’s symptoms. They do not “cure” they only “treat” injury and should be used judiciously. All drugs have side effects! Drugs are dangerous to the body and may prevent healing. The drugs you ingest for relief of your symptoms may actually make your condition worse. […]

Clonazepam, Klonopin, Rivotril – Dangerous Benzodiazepine!

This page provides information about my own experience with Clonazepam. My experience was not recreational!!! Known as a “Minor Tranquilizer” Clonazepam fits into a family of drugs called Benzodiazepines. I give special attention to this drug because of the insidious side effects I experienced. This is a very serious drug not to be taken lightly. […]

Doctors Online: Who’s Opinion Do We Value?

“Doctor” is a term used to describe MD’s, DO’s, PhD’s etc., please keep this in mind. This page represents our list of all kind of Doctors including PhD’s, MD’s, ND’s, etc. You can search their websites for information to help you in your quest for optimal health and wellness. These are Doctors we believe are […]

How Many People Die Each Year From Doctor Error?

We are NOT anti-doctor but feel it is only fair to report the enormous number of deaths that result as the direct care of Medical Doctors in the USA. One day we will all die of something, hopefully not prematurely or as the result of negligence. While Doctors do not cause your medical problems they […]

Inversion Therapy – Inversion Tables Make Hanging Upside Down Easy!

Decompress your spine naturally! You do not have to hang completely upside down. What you need is an Inversion Table which allows you to control the angle of negative recline. Great for the entire spine! Many companies make these tables and unless your specific symptoms are contradicted by Inversion Therapy the benefits can be tremendous. […]