20 Ways Hospitals Overcharge Patients

Here is how to find a Medical Biling Advocate in your State who can help you keep from being taken advantage of by Hospitals.  Keep in mind these Advocates may charge fees.  Medical Billing Advocates of America. Note:  We are in no way associated with this company nor are we paid referral fees.  We have […]

Hospitals Overbilling the Uninsured

COPYRIGHT 2005 Association of Trial Lawyers of America A Los Angeles judge has approved the settlement of a nationwide class action against Tenet Healthcare Corp., one of the largest providers of health care in the country, headquartered in California. The suit claims that Tenet’s 114 hospitals in 16 states routinely charged uninsured patients substantially higher […]

How to Pick an Insurance Plan You Can Afford

Consumers need to consider more than just premiums and deductibles By Michelle Andrews FREE INSTANT HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTES: eHealthInsurance People shopping for health insurance often consider little except different plans’ premiums and deductibles. That’s a big mistake, says Nancy Davenport-Ennis, especially in the individual market, where copayments and caps on coverage are increasingly appearing in […]

John McCain’s Health Plan is a Disaster for Family Health Insurance

John McCain is clearly out of touch.  As someone who has full Federal Health Insurance benefits he is clueless as to the real cost of Family Health Insurance. According to research done my Kaiser: In 2007, employer health insurance premiums increased by 6.1 percent – two times the rate of inflation. The annual premium for […]

Shopping for Health Care Insurance the Easy Way

Discover in Minutes Which Coverage Plans You Qualify for and How Much it Costs If you don’t have Health Insurance you know how uneasy you feel about going to the Doctor whenever you become ill. You’re scared they might find something really expensive, when your only real priority should be your Health! If you are […]

Rising Health Care Costs

Rising health care costs may just put Health Care for the middle class out of reach. Have you read about the cure for arthritis? – Just buy this pill or this book to find out. Everything is for sale; why? Why are some things just done for the social good? Why do Doctors need to […]