Wireless Device Radiation and Your Health – Cellphones!

Cell Phones, Wireless Routers, Baby Monitors, Wireless Headsets… how safe are they? New research suggests that devices suggested as “safe” by Government Agencies may not be so safe after all. Unless you’ve had your cell phone permanently glued to your ear, chances are you’ve heard the recent health buzz: Mobile devices may cause cancer. While […]

Screening for Prostate Cancer Not Recommended for Elderly Men

NEW YORK – Doctors should stop routine prostate cancer screening of men over age 75 because there is more evidence of harm than benefit, a federal task force advised on a hotly debated topic. The U.S. Preventive Services, which made the recommendation Monday, reported finding evidence that the benefits of treatment based on routine screening […]

IV Drips – Intravenous Therapy

This is not the same as Intrathecal drug delivery. IV drips can be anything from drugs to vitamins or minerals. The reason this is valid and helpful treatment modality is the medication or vitamins/minerals go directly into the veins bypassing the stomach. Most people do not realize that oral vitamin consumption may only deliver as […]

14 Simple Things You can do to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips Written by… Dr. John Mericle MD Increase your consumption of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid using any pesticides or chemical sprays in your home. Avoid new carpet* Avoid drinking tap water. Decrease alcohol consumption. Start an exercise program. Increase consumption of organic whole grains and fiber. Decrease meat, poultry and […]

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Testing The prostate specific antigen test may not be the best solution to accurately diagnosing prostate cancers. It should be considered but not relied on exclusively Why haven’t you been told about the AMAS Test for ProstateCancer? With all the media talk about prostate surgery vs. taking drugs for prostate problems, you would […]

Cancer Resources: Cancer Treatment and Cancer Research

Supposedly 33 to 50% of adults in the USA will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime! The statistics for all kinds of cancer related deaths are on the rise! Cancer Treatment is ongoing and unproven. Cancer Research continues at a rapid pace yet the ability to cure some cancers is dismal in comparison […]