Chelation Therapy The Unproven – Proven Therapy

IV Drip StandChelation therapy involves oral chelation or intravenous administration of an agent to bind toxic metals and excrete them from the body. For example: EDTA Chelation Therapy. The other agents (Water, Vitamins, etc.) that are used in the EDTA Chelation Therapy Solution are designed to “boost” the treatments value. As the EDTA removes calcium deposits it also removes other essential minerals which must be replaced. I call it the Unproven Proven Therapy, because it is used and effective in many places around the world, but ridiculed by the American Heart Association (Who has yet to study the therapy properly). The primary use of Chelation Therapy is for acute metals poisoning. The primary area of controversy is it’s use in Heart Patients to improve blood flow through blocked arteries.

EDTA Chelation Therapy (IV Not Oral Chelation) – Personal Experience

First off I’d like to comment about the “Experience” – IV Drip into vein. If I needed this to clear arteries I’d do this in a heartbeat (Pun Intended) before I would do any kind of Artery or Heart surgery. The main discomfort is in the insertion of the IV Needle and the few hours it takes out of your day.

EDTA is the substance used in my IV drips (Intravenous Administration). The sensation of the fluid as it enters into the arm can be a little discomforting (Slight warmth and aching), but certainly nowhere near the pain of a more invasive procedure. The Physician that oversees my treatment has done thousands of Chelation treatment. I have talked to other patients that have completed this treatment for heart problems and they swear by it. I can no give you an overwhelming endorsement just based on my experience, but I can say that those I have talked to would do it again. My Chelation is to remove calcium deposits from the joints and I have high expectations – we’ll see.

Chelation Therapy Formula & FDA Approval

It is my understanding Chelation Therapy with EDTA is approved only for the removal of toxic “Heavy Metals”, but it is legal to purchase and use for other purposes in the same way Neurontin is prescribed for Nerve Pain and related disorders while it is only approved by the FDA for two specific treatments. On to the basic approved formula as mixed by the drug companies. (Note formulas will vary by Pharmaceutical Company).

500mL Sterile Water
20mL Ascorbic Acid (500mg/mL)
4mL Magnesium Sulfate (500mg/mL)
10mL Potassium Chloride (2mEq/mL)
4mL Dexpanthenol (250mg/mL)
1mL Heparin Sodium (5000 USP/mL)
2mL Vitamin B-12
2mL Vitamin B-6
1/2mL B Complex
10mL * EDTA = 1.5 Grams
15mL * EDTA = 2.0 Grams
20mL * EDTA = 3.0 Grams

* Solution contains only ONE of these concentrations as determined by Physician for each individual case, another more concentrated solution with half the mL of ingredients and same mL of EDTA is available.

Keep in mind also that your Physician will also administer mineral and vitamin replacement as the EDTA will “pull” essential metals like Zinc and Copper right along with undesirable metals like Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and Nickel. The essential nutrients MUST be replaced. You’re Calcium will also need to be balanced.

Chelation Therapy Articles

It’s beyond the scope of this site to dig deeper into this subject. I present it for your consideration as a therapy that might work for a condition you may need treating. For the most part I am simply sharing my own experience.

There are plenty of resources online where you can research the benefits of EDTA Chelation, and Chelation Therapies. Keep in mind EDTA is not the only Chelator but has the most proven track record. Some natural foods like Cilantro and supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid are also Chelators.

It is my understanding that for most people Oral Chelation is not beneficial because not enough of the Chelating properties of EDTA are absorbed into the blood stream. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions. You have to choose what to believe and you have to decide for yourself whether you believe the many success stories or the Pharmaceutical Machine that does not want these types of inexpensive therapies cutting into their profits.

Doctors make a lot of money doing Heart related operations and while Chelation may seem expensive to many (Up to $250 per treatment and dozens of treatments) it is very inexpensive compared to the Surgical Alternatives. And how many surgeries are truly successful? Choose what is best for you! When you research how many people die from Chelation each year you are going to be in for a big surprise (I didn’t find any!). How many die from surgery?

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