A Warning about Chiropractic Manipulation: High Velocity Chiropractic maneuvers can put you at risk of severe neck injury. While a Chiropractor may say it’s “Safe” then quote you a bunch of statistical numbers, the fact remains you are at risk!

Gentle manipulation for some who are also correcting their muscle imbalances and coupled with Myofascial Release may be of benefit at some point. I have not had success with this modality as I have yet to find a Chiropractor who will listen to my complaints and symptoms. I tell them my condition and they just do whatever the hell they want. So I’m through with this pseduo-science.

Maybe you will have better luck. Cons: The problem arises if you have an unrecognized neurologic deficit and the chiropractor does not do any radiological studies to determine if there is any compromise of the nerves or the spinal cord. If this happens then the practice of aggressive chiropractic manipulation can be detrimental or even deadly.

My take on Chiropractic is this… Discs do not just pop out of place (Outside of Trauma) on their own. Structural forces are pulling ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. Think of a Tent and the ropes and poles that hold everything in correct position. What happens if one rope breaks or is to short or pulled off to the side? The tent falls or is crooked. The muscles and ligaments and soft tissues that support your spine must be corrected BEFORE you can hope to just pop something back into place. If the supporting structures are not in proper alignment everything will just pop out of place again. I suppose there are some in the Chiropractic Profession (70,000+ in the USA) that understand this, but I have not yet met one.

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