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CosmeticsThis is a very simple page of some of the cosmetics products (Selected from the Environmental Working Groups Cosmetic Safety Database) I have tried and how I feel about their effectiveness for their stated purpose. This does not mean they are safe or unsafe. These cosmetics reviews are my opinions. I know there are many women out there who would rather die than give up their favorite brand of cosmetics. But that’s a bad idea. Your skin is pourous and chemicals in your cosmetics readily penetrate the dermal layers. These chemicals are now in your body as easily as if you had consumed them as food. Our cosmetic reviews consist or short opinions about our experiences. We review each cosmetic product by company name then product.

Cosmetic Reviews: Terressentials Brand Products

I chose Terressentials products because in general they are found at the bottom (meaning least toxic) of the EWG (Environmental Working Groups) Toxicity Lists. In short, they have the least amount of dangerous (at least as far as science knows for now) substances. I have no idea how big an operation Terressentials is and if they distribute any otherway than through their website (I bought online). I also do not know if they really make this stuff or if they just buy it and repackage it. For now I don’t care, I tried some of their products and here are my thoughts:

Terressentials Bills themselves as “Organics for Smart People”. And while that’s flattering I do not know if the people seeking these products are any smarter than anyone else, but I do know they (like me) are concerned about their health and the enormous amont of toxins being mixed in with our food supply and the environment in General. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the world we live in is becoming increasingly poisoned. What it does take is for people to WAKE UP and RECOGNIZE the dangers that are posed to their own personal health.

Extra Large Fragrance Free hair wash (16 oz). I don’t know what is “extra large” about 16 ounces? It’s a standard size and if anything it’s average size (The “Brand Name” shampoos are typically 13 to 20 ounce). Size aside the product was listed lowest on the Toxicity from the EWG “Skin Deep” report. The product is basically a clay mixture with the texture and look of chocolate pudding. This is “Hair Wash” NOT Shampoo. It does not lather, rather you work a couple tablespoon sized dabs throughout your hair for a minute or two then rinse. It does get your hair clean, but I doubt women with longer hair will like this product as it is unlike shampoo making it more difficult to work through the hair. 16 ounces of non-lathering product lasted me about a month or 30 showers, so I guess if I’m doing the math right I used about half an ounce per wash. My hair is only 1″ long at most so it worked for me. My hair did feel clean, but it didn’t feel like it was easier to comb or style or more shiny or anything like that. It was just clean, which is the intent of the product. You should also note it’s Fragrance Free which is what I like. Conclusion: Good product, does what it advertises, women probably won’t like it. Price Paid: $20.50 plus shipping. Will I buy this again? No! Reason: I simply can not afford to pay this much. I am currently just washing my hair with vegetable oil based soap. Not quite as good, but effective and much much cheaper. Update: JR LIggetts Shampoo bars are so much cheaper and so much better and they do lather!

Citrus Tee Tree Hand Soap 16 ounce refill (They don’t call this one “Extra Large”). You can read about the benefits of Tea Tree Oil elsewhere. This product is a lot like washing your hands with thick syrupy lemonade. I was my hands frequently so this didn’t last me very long. Several studies have shown that just plain old soap and water (Non Bacterial) is the best way to wash your hands (and you should do it for 30 seconds, not 10). Is this a good product? Sure. Is it expensive – very! Will I buy it again? NO. Price paid: $10.95. Recommendation. Use organic bar soap!

Natural Unscented Glycerine Soap 6-Pack. Works just like any good glycerine soap. Priced like any good Glycerine soap. No smell, lathers on and rinses off. Very non toxic. Good product. Fair price (except I can buy similar local and avoid the shipping costs). Price paid: $11.25 for 6 bars. I also purchased one bar with oatmeal for $2.25 to see if it made any difference. And actually it does – it costs more. Skip the oatmeal.

Organic Fragrance Free Deodorant 3 ounce. The experience of using this product is about the same as rolling rubbing alcohol on your arm pits. I’ll pass. Price paid: $10. Advice – keep looking! It goes on very wet, is hard to apply and just doesn’t do a very good job.

Fragrance Free Moisture Cream 4 ounce. It works, it’s basically shea butter. Makes your skin feel a little greasy and will make you a little shiney. Price paid: $16. Will find similar product locally.

Organic Orange White Chocolate Lip Protector. Same size as a tube of Chapstick brand lip protector. This stuff doesn’t last as long, but it tastes great (and you don’t have to be concerned about accidentally swallowing trace amounts. Price paid: $3.75 a tube (Purchased 2). Would I buy again? Yes! I can find no other product like this locally, it’s spendy, but it works and it tastes great and it’s practically non toxic!

I spent $89.95 for my order. I did it to review the products and to help support a site which is making a difference in the lives of those who can afford to purchase organic cosmetics. Unfortunately the “economies of scale” in small operations drive up the costs of production. Organic costs more because its rare, and the products and manufacturing methods to insure purity involve more care. If you can afford these products then buy them and try them for yourself. if you can afford these pricesthen try to find the most similar ingredients at your local health food or vitamin store. But be careful, just because it’s Organic doesn’t mean it’s “Safe”.

Kiss My Face Cosmetic Products

Olive Oil Bar Soap. Purchased at the local health food store (Some Grocers with organic/natural sections also carry this product). It scored very well on the EWG “Skin Deep” report. I use it primarily to wash my face but I also use it to occasionally wash my hair (But I have very short hair). I like it’s texture and it seems to last as long as ordinary bar soap. I pay $1.29 to $1.99 per four ounce bar depending on if it’s on sale or not. Highly recommended. Be careful of other Kiss My Face Products because they contain many untested ingredients and actually score worse than some major and “regular” brand name products.

JASON Natural Cosmetics

Sea Fresh All-Natural Sea Sourced Toothpaste. After reading how dangerous Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Flouride can be when ingested I rushed out and tried to find a natural solution. At the time I had not heard of the EWG “Skin Deep” report. I purchased this product based on the packaging. Turns out there are better choices even Regular Colgate with Fluoride and Sodium Laurel Sulfate scored better. In my opinion this is not good toothpaste. I have since switched to the Weelda Brand and love their toothpaste!

Don’t be fooled by the “Natural” in Tom’s of Maine. Their tooth care products are full of the same poisons as the name brands. And while many of you may be fooled into thinking that chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulfate are safe because you just rinse them back out, don’t be. And if you are then you really shouldn’t be reading this site. Go use whatever you want and good luck to you. The latest Government (and in USA Government) researchers are predicting 1 in 3 Americans will developed some form of cancer in their lifetime! I’m choosing to avoid being a cancer statistic I have enough health problems already

More cosmetics I’ve tried

I have become a fan of Dr. Bronners Soaps (I like it but it’s spendy), Weeleda Toothpaste (especially the “plant” flavor), Burts Bees Rosemary mint shampoo bar (Leaves a “wax” in your hair). and several others.

I believe in the future I’ll just write short mini reviews of products and give them their own review.

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