Dental Health: Are Your Teeth and Gums Robbing Your Health?

Dental Health White TeethDental disease is at the root of many health care problems that are located outside the mouth. The Dental Profession is the only health profession that allows dead tissue to remain in the body (root canals) and continues to use known toxins (Mercury) in the materials placed in your mouth! While European countries and others are taking action to protect the dental health of their citizens the ADA continues it’s stance of “proven safe” in light of common sense.

Dental Problems – Dental Disease – What’s Being Done to Improve Dental Care and Save Teeth

I done a lot of Dental Research. My dental problems were preventable, but I bought into the ADA’s lies. I didn’t know any better, I trusted whatever the Dentist told me. A Dentist should be saving teeth not killing them! And when I mean save teeth I don’t mean kill the tooth via root canal – to me that is not saving a tooth.

There are companies making safer and better materials for root canals – ask you Dentist about “Resilon” before you consent to a root canal. Consider less invasive options like “pulp capping”. Save that tooth as long as possible, and they may be able to keep it alive at some point in the future. Have a root canal or extraction and you are done! The Dental profession is the ONLY profession that leaves DEAD tissue in the body.

I am a believer in Acupuncture energy meridians. I have a problem with a specific tooth in my mouth. It’s not coincidence that the energy meridians for this tooth pass EXACTLY through other areas of my body where I also have disease conditions. Your teeth are a part of your TOTAL HEALTH. If you lose them or they become decayed they cause problems in other parts of your body. Don’t take them lightly! You wouldn’t chop off a finger because it was swollen or infected, you would try to treat it. Many Dentists are quick to jump the gun and just go straight to the root canal procedure. There is big money in Root Canals, because inevitably at some point in the future (Like all Dental Restorations) they will fail and need to be repaired again.

The ADA is dead WRONG on Amalgam. To maintain optimal dental health (and health throughout the body) amalgam should NEVER be used. The ADA is dead wrong on other issues as well. Root canals are toxic waste depositories waiting to errupt and destroy your health. This is my opinion, you’ll have to form your own.

I have brushed twice a day with an ADA toothpaste since childhood, I have avoided sweets, soda, etc. I have always flossed, I even use a Waterpik. I’ve used the best toothbrushes you can buy: Sonic Care and Oral B. I’ve done everything they say to do. I have 22 fillings! The answer lies in researching the real cause of decay, early detection and conservative treatment. And of course Nutrition. Please don’t take your Teeth lightly, you need strong healthy teeth to keep the rest of your body healthy. I don’t know how to stop decay of the teeth, and apparently neither does the ADA. Do your best and hope for the best. Please read the rest of this page for advice that can help.

Dental Amalgam – Dangerous or Not?

If the fact that I personally spent over $2,500 having my amalgams removed is any indication of what I believe, then yes I vote dangerous. And here’s why. Mercury is a toxic poison (More toxic than lead, arsenic, or cadmium) – all “heavy” metals. Mercury is the most toxic non radioactive metal! I know the American Dental Association (ADA) continues to say that there have been X Million placements (you choose the number 500 million? 700 million? who cares how many I don’t) over the past 150 years “Proving” it’s safe. Well they don’t actually say “proven safe”, rather they choose words like “has not been proven dangerous”. It’s the old game it’s not proven it is proven.

Well science doesn’t lie – Mercury is TOXIC! The body has ZERO need for any level of Mercury – it simply does not serve a healthful purpose in the body. There are countries that have already banned the use of Amalgam (which is about 50% mercury and contains other dangerous metals – silver, tin, copper, etc.). Now I’m not saying to rush out and get all your silver fillings removed immediately. I’m saying I believe it’s dangerous to have amalgam restorations. There are other types of restorations – particularly those containing Nickel that are dangerous as well. What I am saying is investigate the use of amalgam and how it relates to your own personal health and you’ll probably choose to have them removed.

If you do decide to have your amalgams removed PLEASE choose a dentist that understands the correct protocol to use when removing these materials. If the correct protocol is not followed you may actually make yourself more ill.

Mercury is stored in various tissues in the body and will easily pass the blood brain barrier. It leaks out very slowly and in miniscule amounts into the gastrointestinal tract (depends on how many fillings you have and how well they were placed, how old they are, etc.). Mercury vapor is also released in tiny amounts when you chew or drink liquids, especially hot liquids. Your body tolerates a certain level based on the strength of your immune system. However, over time even tiny amounts can “build up” to toxic levels.

One cigarette probably won’t kill you but 10,000 might! And that’s the same game you are playing with your health and Amalgam. The level of problems you will have from Dental Amalgam is similar (In my view) to the problems you will have if you choose to smoke. It all depends on your body’s immune system, and the amount ingested. Some people have an “Iron Constitution” and some people catch everything illness that blows through town. The point is we have the scientific evidence to at the very least determine these are dangerous “risk factors” to our health. I choose not to smoke, I choose not to have Amalgam restorations. How ill are you? It can’t hurt to have your Amalgams properly removed. It may not “cure” your health but it certainly won’t hurt it as long as it’s done properly.

Root Canals, Cavitations, TMJ, Headaches – Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Body!

Yikes one of my teeth has gone awry. My dentist killed my tooth, drilled out the top of the nerve root and filled it with anesthetic and a temporary filling. This procedure I have since learned is called “Pulpotomy”. And am desperately seeking an alternative to save the existing root otherwise I decide between the lesser of evils. Root Canal, Extraction, or extraction and bridge. You know my whole life I brush twice per day with ADA approved toothpaste, I floss each night, I even waterpick. And I still get tooth decay.

I mentioned this above. We (society) need to learn the cause, and figure out how to stop eating the wrong foods or doing whatever it does that causes decay. Because honestly I’m not real excited about losing a tooth. And it’s not exactly in expensive. The root canal itself runs about a $1,000 before they do the crown! And yes I opted for the root canal for now, I’ll likely have the tooth pulled later and then bridged.

Orthodontic Braces

I wore braces -the most miserable kind. In my day they called them “Train Tracks”. The Orthodontist would pound on the bands around my teeth with a hammer type devise. Then he would twist wires with pliers to move my teeth. For days at a time after each “treatment” my teeth would be so sore that I could eat only very soft or liquid foods. Trying to remove plaque from a mouth full of banded braces was a disaster! It was a miserable experience. They remove 4 big beautiful non decayed white bi-cuspids to make room for wisdom teeth that would come in later. If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would opt to have slightly crooked teeth. But I was a Kid my parents made the decision for me (A well intentioned, but bad decision).

After I had my braces removed I wore a retainer for years. My teeth are pretty straight, but they have moved out of position some. But I’m not sure the braces were worth it. I waterpik’d away faithfully, but once the braces came off I had about a dozen fillings where my teeth had decayed. Those old torture braces I wore made it nearly impossible to clean the teeth properly. To this day I wonder if it was worth it? At this point I firmly believe NO!

Braces and Galvanized Currents

Galvanize currents are created between the dissimilar metals. Any electrical current has some kind of effect no matter how small on the natural current of the body. Does this contribute to tooth decay? I don’t know. But I can tell you that it certainly doesn’t prevent it. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. And so much of what we suffer later on in life is result of decisions our parents made for us when we were younger, like what kind of diet, our sleeping habits, and our emotional well being. Braces? Are they worth the damage caused? You decide. For many the esthetics are worth the price. For me I’m not sure my teeth were so misaligned that it was worth it.

Selecting the “Right” Dentist and the “Right” Dental Materials

Word of mouth is how you find a good dentist, or is it? You ask friends and family and you look inside their teeth at their work. You ask about problems, then you flip that proverbial coin and make the visit. What else can you do? The right materials are any material that is not toxic to you body. The wrong material is ANY metal (And I even include gold in that statement). What most people don’t realize is it’s not only the Amalgam’s Mercury it’s the other metals that are dangerous (just not as dangerous as the Mercury). The entire process is dangerous as well.

When placing an Amalgam filling the Dentist is required to make what’s called “Undercuts”. This means they drill out additional tooth surface (way beyond just the decay) creating undercuts below the damaged area. It’s the undercuts the hold the filling material in place. So you can have a small cavity and they take out a big portion of your tooth (With respect to the size of your cavity) in order to securely hold the Amalgam. This is NOT necessary. Today’s materials are bonded with resin. So not only is less tooth required to be removed (The dentist only has to remove the decay and not additional good tooth for an undercut) no mercury is involved (Or at least you should make sure by asking your Dentist – some materials still contain metals including mercury) and they can match the color of your teeth so you don’t have ugly grey blotches in your mouth. A good restoration should not be visible by another person standing directly in front of you engaged in conversation. If the other person can see your dental work, then the dentists needs to improve his cosmetic dental skills meaning actually you need to find a better dentist.

Toothpaste – What’s in the Stuff and Why are there Warnings on the Labels

Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Fluoride? Do these need to be in toothpaste? Are they safe? From what I’ve read I vote no. But here is the problem. According to the “Skin Deep” report done by EWG (See Post Under “Cosmetics / Hygiene Cateogry) most “Natural” toothpastes have as many or even more potentially dangerous substances than some of the Ordinary Big name brands.

I have no advice on this, and don’t expect your Dentist (Unless he is an experienced dentist well aware of the dangers of Amalgam and genuinely concerned with his patients health) to tell you what is a good product. Honestly I belive my Dentist is a good Cosmetic Dentist, I believe he cares, but he hands out samples of name brand products which contain all kinds of chemicals. Chemicals that if ingested are dangerous. And please please if you have children under the age of 6 find a toothpaste designed for children without these toxins. Children can and often do (I don’t recall the study or I would reference it) swallow as much as 1/3rd of the toothpaste they use. Update July 2008 – I’ve been using the Weeleda Brand of toothpaste for 2 years now and find it very pleasant tasting, compatible with my Oral B Electric Toothbrush, and very effective. I like it much better than the Crest or Colgate I grew up using.

Personal Dental Appliances

Although it is not my intention to endorse one brand over another I personally Own a Sonic Care Advance, and Oral B 7875 deluxe (I recently upgraded this to the latest and greatest Oral B), and a WaterPik Professional. As mentioned previously dental health begins with prevention, and a quality electric toothbrush is a major tool in the fight against dental disease. The models numbers don’t matter and will probably have changed by the time you read this. The point is electric toothbrushes have been proven in scientifically valid studies to reduce plaque better than manual toothbrushes. Sure the studies were probably funded by the companies selling expensive electric toothbrushes. But in this case I believe they are true because my experience has been excellent with eclectic toothbrushes.

My current Favorite is the Oral B because it’s round, and moves back and forth and in and out. My teeth just feel much cleaner after I use it, and brushing the teeth in the back of my mouth is much easier. With a manual toothbrush the back and forth motion hits the back of my mouth limiting the effectiveness. With the OralB the round bristles spin and the smaller head size allows me to place the toothbrush in position and let it do it’s job. Plus I like the timer feature to make sure that I give each quadrant of my mouth a full 30 seconds of brushing (2 minutes total).

I also floss with a wax based floss. There are many excellent products available to help you remove plaque and maintain a healthy environment for your mouth, which in turn benefits your overall health in general. Honestly have you ever seen a person with really beautiful teeth how healthy they look compared to someone with really ugly brownish teeth? Next time you do ask them how they “feel”. I doubt you will be surprised by the response.

Nutrition to Prevent Dental Disease and Promote Dental Health

Obviously you can’t have healthy teeth and gums if you don’t maintain your plaque removal regiment, but you can improve upon your overall oral health by eating a balanced nutritious diet and whenever possible organic diet. I read a study that found 20 different chemicals on the peel of a conventionally grown and processed apple – yes the kind you buy at your local grocer! You may read more about nutrition throughout as it is a topic of great interest to me personally and the key to remaining as healthy as possible. I’ll even quote Jordan Rubin on this one – It’s not you are what you eat, it’s you are what you ingest. You must have a healthy digestive tract to absorb those essential nutrients. And that will no doubt benefit your teeth. And for some reason sugar and teeth are a bad combination. Bacteria love sugar as much as you do! Or at least as much as most of you do!

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