Dental Safety- What the American Dental Association “Approves” may be Destorying Your Health!

There are a host of disease states that can be traced to Dental materials or Dental work gone bad. A split tooth may go undetected allowing a growth of toxic bacteria. There are some Dentists who believe a root canal simply can not be performed in a safe manner and will not do this procedure. They recommend removing the tooth and the periodontal ligament. The Dental profession is the ONLY part of the medical field that actually thinks it’s okay to leave DEAD TISSUE in your body. A root canal leaves dead tissue. These dentists (who won’t perform root canals) believe it is impossible to completely sterilize the HORIZONTAL paths within the tooth where bacteria may reside. If a tooth becomes infected the disease can spread into the jawbone creating a potentially disastrous result on your overall health.

Are Dental Materials Safe?

You may be allergic to the materials the Dentist puts into your mouth, especially the silver colored material known as “AMALAGAM”, which is a combination of Mercury, Silver, Tin, Copper and a few other metals. Mercury is the most toxic non radioactive metal known to man. The American Dental Association will tell you it’s “Proven” because it’s been used for 150 years, it’s placed a 100 million times a year, and on and on. They also claim that once mixed the Amalgam becomes stable. You can choose to believe this if you would like, I’m not buying the argument. I’m not sure mixing a toxic poison with other toxic poisons to forms a non toxic posion. Why even take the risk? It makes about as much sense as putting spoiled milk back into the refrigerator with the hope it will become fresh. What has been proven by scientists worldwide is that Amalgam does in fact leak into the intestinal tract as filling wear out over time. It’s also been proven that these Amalgam fillings give off mercury vapor every time you chew or drink a hot beverage, etc.

The amount of vapor given off is in in relation to the amount of amalgams you have placed in your mouth and the exact chemistry of the amalgam mix. But regardless if you have Amalgam Fillings a certain amount (no matter how small) is constantly exposed to your body. Mercury will pass the blood brain barrier and collect in your tissues. Having your Amalgams removed may help solve a number of illnesses.

However improper removal may make you even more ill. Again we are not here to tell you what to do and we’ll cover the Amalgam issue again in another post, but now that you know of this potential danger you would be remiss not to investigate it’s potential damage to your health. FYI – The state of California requires Dentists who use Amalgam to post warning signs in their office not unlike the type of warnings that are required to be posted on a cigarette pack.

Amalgam must be disposed of in Bio Hazard containers that are collected by companies licensed to do this kind of hazardous disposal work. You really want that in your mouth?

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