While not specific to the Neck or Back a toxic body may prevent, aggravate, or delay healing of the soft tissues. How does your car run when the oil is old, black and dirty?

The body performs best when it is free of toxins, this is exactly why we have lungs, kidneys and a liver! What most people don’t know is the skin is also a major player in detoxification of the body. In our lives we are exposed to many kinds of pollutants and toxins that our body must remove. How should we expect to feel if our body is full of toxins? How can we expect our body to heal if its allocating all it’s resources to detoxification? Take the load off and free the resources.

The body heals faster when it is free of the burden of toxins! The liver can metabolize about 20,000 chemicals. There are more than 3,000 chemicals in use in the food industry alone and another 70,000 in use world wide.

Most people never think of chemicals in their food, cosmetics, clothing, etc. as being a danger to their health. But an overburdened liver will shut you down fast! The body is a whole! Take a close look at what you consume.

Your skin is an organ, the chemicals you place on your skin can be absorbed into your body! If you’re interested then visit and look for their “Skin Deep” report which tells of the many dangers in cosmetics, shampoos, bar soap, toothpaste, etc. Can one really expect to be healthy if they are toxic? We are all toxic to some extent – keep your levels low and get healthy! For those of you interested enough in your total health search for Dr. Sherry Roberts book Detoxify or Die and you’ll have your eyes opened. Enough said.

I apologize for not including methods of detoxification, which go beyond the scope of this post. The point here is to consider what you put into your body and changing your lifestyle to relieve the burden on your body’s detoxification organs.

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