Digital Motion X-Ray – Diagnose the Cervical Spine in Motion

Digital Motion X-Rays – Seeing Ligament Damage Static X-Rays Miss

This is not a treatment rather a diagnostic test to show instability and injury that a typical static X-Ray may not disclose. While generally applicable to patients in auto accidents and trauma (Due to the high incidence of ligament damage) this may be a viable option for anyone with undiagnosed neck pain. This is a completely different technology and not related to Upright MRI. Upright MRI’s are NOT motion studies.

A standard flexion/extension X-Ray shows 2 of the 22 ligaments in the cervical spine. With the Motion X-Ray it’s possible to see damage that occurs to all 22! Properly trained Radiologists will note damage because the technology allows them to see the bones as they move; thus lax ligaments would not be supporting the structures properly. Unfortunately like the Upright MRI this is a new technology being driven by a single manufacturer. Perhaps a patent issue? In any case this means there are not that many imaging centers using this equipment and many Physicians will not be familiar with this advance. For more information you can contact the manufacturer directly – DMX Works, Inc. “Digital Motion X-Ray®”.

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