Doctors Online: Who’s Opinion Do We Value?

Doctors Smiling“Doctor” is a term used to describe MD’s, DO’s, PhD’s etc., please keep this in mind. This page represents our list of all kind of Doctors including PhD’s, MD’s, ND’s, etc. You can search their websites for information to help you in your quest for optimal health and wellness. These are Doctors we believe are on the forefront of Integrative Medicine (Combining Mainstream Medicine with Alternative Medicine).

Disclaimer about Doctor Listings On This Page

Doctors listed on this page are those we feel disperse helpful (and hopefully accurate) information in the quest of overall wellness. We believe their websites should be used for educational purposes only, and you should consult competent professional medical professionals before undergoing any treatments that will effect your health.

We do not recommend you use these resources to be your own Doctor. We do recommend you use these resources as guidelines to manage your own health. Unless you have completed medical training that qualifies you as Physician, please don’t attempt to “cure yourself” without the help of trained professionals. And by professionals we mean health practitioners licensed in your jurisdiction. And yes we know it can be difficult and quite expensive to procure the “right” professional.

This list is in no particular order, we have chosen to list Doctor’s sites as we find them so please don’t infer anything about the order of listings. The sites towards the end of the list are just as valid as the sites towards the beginning. And Yes I know some of these sites are very commercial as they are trying to sell products, but the information is still valid.

There are many other doctors who we follow online. We’ll add more to this page including links as time allows and update the list with links to their respective websites. Keep in mind this is a huge and on going undertaking. This site is NOT funded by anyone other than myself and I can only do so much in a day while trying to deal with my illness and milk the life savings as slowly as possible before I have to apply for SSI and live in a cardboard box. Feel free to suggest sites you find relevant during your research.

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