Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution

There is a saying that goes something like this:

“Those who say it can not be done should not get in the way of people doing it.”

Atkins Health Book Review: I do not know where the saying comes from, but feel it applicable to Dr. Atkins philosophy and his diet materials. While many would call Dr. Atkins a “Quack” among other things, they are missing the point of the book. The point is there are ways to change your body’s metabolism to burn more fat. This is done through the reduction of carbohydrates. This is not the only way to lose weight of course, there are many variables that we will not get into. I enjoyed this book, although there is no way I would attempt to completely follow his diet, because I personally do not find it to be nutritionally balanced for my own needs.

Don’t get me wrong, while many would poo poo away Dr. Atkins work as nutritionally dangerous (And it might be) they are missing the point again. The point is there are nutritional ways to change your diet. Now I don’t personally believe that Dr. Atkins ever intended anyone to eat a half dozen eggs and a pound of bacon everyday for the rest of their lives (perhaps I’m wrong, I never met the doctor and he did die of a heart attack at age 72 – attributed by his family as being due to a virus).

I believe many will benefit from this book as it offers hope and information on how to change your metabolism. You take a little something from everything you read. There is no doubt Dr. Atkins work has had a huge impact on pop culture and the diet craze that seems to never end. Decide for yourself. There is information within that I found worth knowing. Please as with all diets, you should contact your doctor and work out a plan with them. The trick of course is finding a Doctor that will really listen to you and work with you instead of the egotistical “Dr. Knows” best approach. You’ll know the difference when you talk to them.

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