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Are You Ready for a Rude Awakening

If you have Spinal Problems (Neck or Back) you have bad posture! Have someone video tape you sitting on the sofa, working on your computer, eating dinner, just the everyday activities you do all day long! Then watch that video and you’ll be amazed at how you slump, move, sit, etc.

Correcting bad postural habits will stop and may even reverse spinal problems. But the battle is difficult if your furniture is not designed with Ergonomics in mind. Most sofas, beds, chairs, etc. are NOT designed for proper posture. So the more you use the non-ergonomic disaster the more your spine has to compensate, and the more difficult it will be to ever recover proper posture and live pain free.

Videos to Introduce You to Ergonomics

This video is primarly about lifting properly

Selecting Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomics Matter!

You can do every kind of therapy and/or treatment but if you continue on with old poor postural habits and non-ergonomic furniture, you’ll just fall into the same old trap that ruined your spine in the first place.

Ergonomics is simply a term to describe making your environment “spine friendly”. You simply can not underestimate the importance of keeping your spine in correct posture through the use of ergonomic furniture and office equipment. How many hours a day do you spend sitting or sleeping? During these times it is essential that you provide your spine the optimal correct support so it can heal, and to prevent further injury.

Use a lumbar pillow on your chairs or better yet purchase truly ergonomic chairs. A cervical injury will be made worse if you do not correct your lumbar posture (the spine and body work as a whole!). Steelcase™ Humanscale™, Bodybilt™ all build truly ergonomic office chairs; while the $200 OfficeMax chairs that claim to be ergonomic are NOT ergonomic at all! Sit in a well designed chair and you will immediately “feel” the difference.

If you are a computer user a LCD flat panel and invest in a moveable monitor arm. If you are a laptop user you should do this and hook your laptop up to the larger monitor and monitor arm. Make sure you take breaks from your chair every 20 minutes to stretch and change position. You need to move your spine and shift those discs!

Make sure you have a good bed. Avoid the Tempurpedic™ or Memory Foam Mattresses (The toxins emitted from these materials are very unhealthy). It’s all marketing hype. Buy real cotton or invest in a Talay Latex (Natural Rubber) mattress. Royal Pedic in Los Angeles makes outstanding beds (but they are expensive) and offers excellent information on their website about natural bedding materials. Yes some of you will have Latex allergies and will need all cotton mattresses, but otherwise Talay Latex is wonderful!

Purchase the proper back supports for you Car, Truck, or RV seats (It’s cheaper than purchasing new seats) It’s your health. Fix your posture or continue to pay the price. Yes it can be expensive to buy all these things, but can you afford not too? What is the true price of pain? How much is your health worth?

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