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Suicide CartoonThe act of taking one’s own life by means of self infliction. I have a lot to say on this subject, some good some bad. And while the cartoon picture is from the Simpson’s spinoff Futurama suicide is not a joking matter. Many commit suicide as a result of depression but many more consider and commit suicide as a means to escape chronic pain. Compassion and understanding are the key to the realization of why one would contemplate suicide. We are all going to die at some point, and there is so much argument about whether a person has a choice in the matter.

When is the Best Time to Commit Suicide!

Tomorrow! Always tomorrow! It’s an old joke with relevance.

Suicide as a Means to Escape Suffering

Take the religion out of the argument and we still have valid points on both sides. My purpose in putting up this page is not to open the realm of discussion of pro’s and con’s; rather to ask one who is now contemplating this potentially “final” release from the pain and suffering of disease to take the time to really put their condition in perspective and seek the help of others. No one should suffer needlessly in my opinion, but at the same time (And I am not counting on a technological miracle) one should really figure out if they are in the right state of mind to determine if this is the best method to STOP PAIN and SUFFERING.

I read many medical forums and suicide is mentioned in more subtle ways by those who have lost hope and are frustrated by the system, by the lack of concern of their physicians, and by the seemingly hopeless stream of disappointing medical tests and potential treatments.

This is a great big world we live in, and as a citizen of the United States of America I am but one of approximately 300 million individuals. I am not the only one suffering and neither are you! People recover from incredible tragedy, disease and circumstance. Suffering is intolerable for some and medication only lessens the quality of life for them. For others it may help. But I am not so ignorant of the rest of the world to believe that the only solutions to pain and suffering are available in the United States. As a matter of fact each time I think I have come to the end of the road I get on the Internet and begin to read. I follow a huge trail of information and end up finding even more things to try. There are 5 billion Chinese in this world of ours and they have illness and suffering too – and they have many other treatment modalities. Add in the European countries and you have plenty to look forward too.

How can one ever know they have exhausted their treatment options until they have explored the world? The human body is an amazingly complex and self sustaining vehicle for our brain/soul/whatever intelligence you want to believe in. The body does NOT want to die. So keep giving it a chance to do what it wants to do. I am never surprised by how many people who are in a state of despair and seemingly complete biological breakdown who have never considered what they are putting into their bodies. Food is the fuel of life, the right foods give the body tremendous healing power. Don’t give up until you have investigated your diet.

This is not a pep talk per se, but rather an exercise in reasoning. The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated. Material good, finances, and “stuff” do not matter to the ill. Get well and you will find a way to recover what you think you have lost. The most important part of life is human relationships. Live for those you love. Make a good decision.

Self Deliverance from Terminal Illness Video

For the rights of the terminal, or hopelessly physically ill, competent adult

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