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General Exercise

The body is designed for movement and movement aids healing, just don’t over do it! You have to remember there is no blood flow to the discs so if you do not move, the spinal fluid does not move!

Your road to recovery will be much slower or non-existent without some form of gentle to moderate exercise. I’ve had Doctors tell me for Cervical Problems not to swim, but others have said it’s good. I like to swim and while I don’t do anything specific for very long, I believe just the buoyancy provided such incredible relief there are immense benefits in aqua therapy even if all you do is walk through the water. This allows me to relax and stretch and move around and it feels great.


The benefits of movement and stretching can not be understated unless directly contradicted by your condition. Give yoga a try I’m still working on my personal yoga experience and I think the benefits are making my pursuit worthwhile.

Beautiful Yoga Movements

Yoga is for everyone. I show you this video to show how incredible movement of the Human Form can be. You do not have to be flexible to start Yoga. The whole point is you are working towards your own goals at your own pace. If you never are able to touch your toes, that’s fine. That’s not the point. The point is to get your body moving and stretching with gentle, relaxing, and peaceful movements.

Tai Chi

Gentle movements and motions many have touted to have brought about relief from spinal pain throughout the back and neck. I have not been to an instructed class on Tai Chi, but from what I’ve read I would like to start.

Tai Chi Fundamentals for Taiji Beginners

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