Facet Joint Blocks

Graphic Image of a Facet Joint

Facet Joint Injection

A Facet Joint is a joint between two adjacent vertebrae. Each vertebra is connected at the intervertebral disk in the front and the two facet joints in the back. Facet Joints are the bony masses connected to the vertebrae in the image above. Facet Joints are prone to wear and tear as our spines degenerate, so as the Intervertebral Discs degenerate so do the Facet Joints (once the cartilage is gone).

A “Block” can be done to determine if this is the source of your pain. If this is the case then the nerves can be “burned” giving up to a year of temporary relief. Osteoarthritis (meaning bone inflammation) as a diagnosis if often really Facet Joint Pain. You will still need to fix your diet and posture, but this could help if the Facet Joint is truly the source of your pain. This is a minimally invasive procedure involving needles and outpatient surgery and in the Cervical Spine is usually done under Fluoroscopic Guidance.

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