Faith and Spirituality

We Are All Spiritual Beings

Regardless of your religion at a molecular level we are all atoms, beings that are electro chemical. Faith, energy, our brains, mood, stress, all play a role in healing. When we are emotionally stable and emotionally healthy we feel better, and we can heal faster.

Practice your religion, follow your faith; if you pray – then pray, if you meditate – then meditate. You will find some interesting information by searching online for “Violet Flame”, “Archangel St. Michael”, “Archangel St. Germaine”, “Buddhism”, “Higher Self”, etc. Find a doctrine that makes sense to you and explore. At the very least you will educate yourself to the fact that we as human beings are not alone.

What matters is you find your core belief system, you then practice it. Keep an open mind as there is much to be learned from all religions. And the “right” religions is merely the one you believe.

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