Handicap Vans – Mobility Vans

While I don’t like the word “Handicap” (Seems to be trapped in the 70’s kind of term) it’s a simple fact that is how people in need of mobility vans search. They usually type in handicap vans. For this reason I’ve listed this page as such to attract the attention of those in need of mobility vans (a word I prefer). For a person in a wheelchair the right mobility van can make a huge difference in their lives.

I own several vans – not that you should care. They offer everything for the person with illness. Plenty of room, a place to lie down if you feel ill, and complete comfort when traveling. While they don’t get great mileage (What Van does?) they do offer what most of us are looking for in a vehicle, including power, flexibility, and comfort.

Camper Vans and Class B Motor Homes are a nice option for the physically impaired. If you have not seen the new Sprinter Vans you may be in for a nice surprise. The sprinter Vans replace the old Dodge Vans. Once Mercedes Benz took over they dumped the Dodge Van. The new sprinter vans are often driven by delivery services. They make excellent weekend trip vehicles.

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Minivan Mobilty Van

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