Health Resources :: Physician Websites :: Self Health Help

These sites are making a difference in the Health of Humankind in our opinion thus we believe you should make them part of your every day reading.

Health Resources: Health Sites and Doctors trying to make a difference

· Doctor Yourself
· Gordon Reseach Institute
· Backpain Free
· Berkley Wellness
· Benzodiazepines
· Dr. Mercola
· CureZone
· Jonathan Campbell
· Life Extension
· Oxford University
· Linus Pauling Institute
· Dr. Theo
· W. Price Foundation
· WholeHealthMD
· Not Milk

* Disclaimer: We are not Doctors nor is any of the information presented here on “medical advice”. This is a posting of our own research. Consult your Doctor or Medical Care professional BEFORE you decide upon any treatment options.

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