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Spine Research to Help You STOP your Spinal Pain: articles outlining your options for…Neck Pain, Back Pain, Artificial Disc Replacement, Diagnostic Medical Tests (MRI, MRA, CT Scans, Discograms), Nutrition, Dental Health, Environmental Health Issues, Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture, Obtaining Health Insurance, and links to experts in their respective fields. All in a convenient, easy-to-read format that won’t talk down to you, and will provide you an opportunity to explore your own personal health issues at your own pace.

Articles are written by a fellow spinal patient (Who shares his first hand experience with many doctors, tests, and surgeries) and Health Care Professionals including Doctors, Therapists, and Specialists.

Harvard Trained MD Dr. Andrew Weil Video about Your Health

Skip forward 22.5 minutes for Dr. Weil’s Interview w/Charlie Rose

We are at a point where a lot of people are fed up… they’re fed up with what they are getting… they have discovered for themselves that Alternative Medicine works. Regular Medicine is in enormous disarray, it’s falling apart economically…The total instruction I got in Nutrition in four years at Harvard Medical School and a year of internship was 30 minutes. – Dr. Weil

How Do We Become so Unhealthy?

Have you ever wondered why there is so much disease and suffering? The answer is quite simple… we don’t have an owners manual for our bodies that tells us exactly how to care for ourselves! Back and Neck Pain is nearly always PREVENTABLE… if only we knew. Spinal problems are insidious and often develop before we even feel the pain. The primary answer to all Health lies in Nutrition and Lifestyle. Most of us took a basic Health Class in High School that taught us next to nothing.

As we grow from teens into adults our lives become busy, really busy! We are full of energy and the furthest thing from our minds is our Health! We are young, we are invincible. It is during this period that the habits we form and the way we use and treat our physical self will dictate our future health.

Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t take the time to learn about our bodies and we neglect our physical self to the point where we suffer greatly from middle age on to the inevitable. The good news is MOST of the damage we do in our youth can be reversed to some degree or stabilized. The secret is to STOP doing the same things and learn how to care for ourselves.

Integrative Medicine to the Rescue

What is Integrative Medicine? The simple answer is the combining of modern day technological advancements with time tested Natural Treatments. Taking advantage of the best treatment path to result in the most satisfactory outcome for your own personal state of health. This process may involve Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Alternative Therapies, etc. But it ALWAYS involves Nutrition and Exercise. The most important thing a person with Spine Pain can do is research their options with an open mind.

Exceptions to the Rule?

There are really no exceptions to the benefits of Nutrition and Exercise. However there is a point in our lives where we are never going to have the health we had in our youth. This is not the goal, the goal is to maintain a healthy state of existence into our later years then enjoy a rapid decline with minimal suffering. Some disease states will not be reversible; conditions relating to spinal degeneration, cancers, and chronic illness may or may not be completely reversible. But Nutrition and Exercise will always provide benefits even in the most dire of health states.