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Quick Preface: I have DDD, Collapsed Cervical Discs, Bulges and Herniations. I’ve had MRA’s, MRI’s, Upright MRI’s, IV Drips, CT Scans, and on and on. I’ve tried therapies you have never even heard of and my research will help ANY neck pain sufferer that will take the time to read it!

In July 2008 I moved the content of HealthSynergyRx including the Popular Neck Pain / Cervical Disc information to the WordPress Format so I can keep you all up-to-date with new information. Topics like ADR (Artificial Disc Replacement) and state of the art imaging.

By moving to this new Blog Platform I’m able to quickly and easily post many small easy to read messages in their own unique post instead of trying to cram them all onto a single page that is too long to read comfortably. Now you can Scan for what you want and go right to the Article in any Category.

Dates of the post are not as important as the information contained. I am continually writing and updating, and editing Posts. So a post on the ProDisc C may have the date it was originally posted at the top, but the important date is at the end of the article which lists that last update.

Cervical Spine / Neck Pain Category – Help You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

Most “Run of the mill MD’s” and even many “Experienced MD’s” do NOT know about the majority of the treatments I have uncovered in 100’s of hours of yearly research or they choose to ignore or discredit the available information. Doctors are paid to cut and drug. They are not paid to explore alternative treatments, even if those treatments are the best option for their patients.

Because Doctors Don’t know “How” to fix your neck. They only refer you to Surgery or to Physical Therapy. Doctors are not taught about Nutrition in Medical School. Doctors are not taught about specific treatment options other than “Cut and Drug”. Doctors have not taken the time to do anything more than a brief reading of my films then send me on my way. In short nearly all my Doctor visits have been a complete waste of time and money. So I had two options… live with the pain forever, or start researching Alternative Medicine and try and find a solution on my own. I chose the latter.

I have read 1,000’s of articles, abstracts, research papers, and scientific studies on neck pain and the cervical spine because I have unresolved neck pain and horrible unresolved balance issues. I’d like to invite you to join me in finding solutions to pain and suffering. If you are like me; you have probably been to many specialists and have not found relief. Relief is available but you might just have to uncover the solution yourself. I hope I can help you with my research.

There are so many overlooked and underutilized treatments. And I’m not talking snake oil here, I’m talking real world tested therapies used around the World. I’m talking about technologies your Physician may not have in your local area. Treatments like MRI scans of the nerves, Thermography to isolate sources of inflammation, Upright MRI to see the discs under load, specific non-drug supplements like Serrapeptase and Wobenzyme to bring down inflammation. YES!

There is a good chance you will find one or more treatments that apply to your specific condition that are being overlooked by your local Doctor. So please take the time to sort through the articles your own pace. If you don’t have time right now, come back later. I’ve uncovered over 50 ways to treat or fix forever neck pain! And it takes a lot of time to write about them all, and a lot of time to read about them all.

If you have neck pain (cervical spine) caused by cervical spondylosis or ? NOW IS THE TIME to evaluate why before it’s too late!

Think you have tried it all? NOT! There are treatment modalities and options here in the Neck Pain – Cervical Spine Category that you probably have not even heard of! Every week I find more information about the cervical spine and potential treatments. The neck pain treatments listed here are not “static” this is an ongoing project to beat cervical spinal pain. I’ve been making this site for more than 3 years now and consider it my mission to keep posting relevant information as long as I can find it and people find it useful.

I’m not just some writer… I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Cervical Spondylosis and a Herniated Cervical Disc. As mentioned above I have read 1,000’s of articles, abstracts, opinions, research studies on cervical spine problems which cause neck pain and continue to do so. Before you let anyone do anything to your neck you MUST correct the CAUSE if possible. Discs break under mechanical pressure – that is gravity and misuse or misalignment of the spine. My disc failure was the result of poor posture at the office computer for years on end. Surgery WILL NOT stop your pain if you don’t first address the cause of the failure. A repaired disc will simply rupture again unless you STOP the forces that started the downfall in the first place. You may have to give up some of the physical activities you once enjoyed (For me it is cycling, for you maybe horseback riding, water skiing, etc.). It’s a dirty little secret of nature – herniated disc will NEVER be the same as it was before injury, thus you must take care of it!

A poor Physician will tell you it’s just AGE or WEAR AND TEAR, and while that may play a role, the real culprit is mechanical breakdown stressing the joints. This is further compounded by poor nutrition, smoking, and stress. You can sit back and do nothing and get worse, or you can take responsibility for your own health and improve. The choice is yours. Neck pain sucks! Get Better!

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