Investigating the Potential Causes of Acne

The exact causes of Acne are not known, but we do know what can aggravate it and for some people stopping the aggravation is the cure for their own Acne.

Adult AcneAdult acne is blamed on everything from Hormones (Androgens), Stress, Makeup, Genetics, and Diet. That narrows it down don’t you think? Acne during our teen years tends to fade as we become adults, however some persistant cases require more than just time as an acne treatment. Stubborn cases may require acne medication. Like the common cold Acne is treatable for nearly everyone, but may not be completely curable. With the right treatment we can get our acne to the point it is no longer bothersome.

I had acne for years and years. I know what it’s like. Fortunately for me most of my problems occurred between the ages of 15 and 25 the time when your male or female hormones are very active.

Acne Treatment: Eliminate or reduce your Acne significantly (Without Acne Medication)

This is what worked best for me. This is not a cure for all, but it may just be a cure for you if you give it a chance. It is so simple in it’s own way that I can not believe that I did not try it or even know about it. Most people don’t know so they never give it a REAL TRY. They may stop chocolate or some select foods, but they don’t go far enough. I was on Tetracycline for a year (didn’t work at all but I kept taking it – bad idea), then I was switched to Accutane and within a day or two I had an upset stomach and BLOOD in my bowel movements. I quit Accutane cold turkey and never went back to the Dermatologist. I should have known then that DRUGS Are not the Answer – they never are, but we TRUST our doctors so we keep trying them. And for the record I tried the Neutrogena Products, the Alcohol Wipes (Stridex). I washed my face several times a day. I did every kind of over the counter skin treatment and none of them worked. They may have helped a little, but they did not CURE anything. If acne medication were the answer no one would have acne!

Then I discovered while researching nutrition how MILK and WHITE REFINED FLOUR (and white sugars for that matter) cause our bodies so much harm. So I quit drinking milk (I still eat Yogurt and Kefir and select cheeses in very small amounts) and eating refined flours. And that is easier said than done because most all grocery stores sell nothing, but chemically treated processed foods. I can tell you that my skin has never been clearer. I seldom if ever get any kind of Acne. Yes I am over 25 now so I am not in the peak Hormonal years, but please consider eating an Organic Diet. I am not saying Vegetarian – I am saying Organic. You would be surprised at how much good it does to get off the processed foods and onto the foods nature provides unadulterated.

So get off the refined sugars, flours (all white flours), and dairy. You will have to give this about 4 weeks to kick in full (It takes that long for your liver and bodies organs to rid itself of toxins – for some it may take longer, but you will not suffer any side effects by cutting out the junk in your diet – and these are empty calories). You will also have to remember to read labels and may have to give up a few foods you enjoy (pizza, burgers, etc.). I should throw in the fact that SODA’s (Soda Pop with sugar or artificial sweeteners) are a great way to keep yourself in an unhealthy state. Soda’s have a Ph of 2.5 (very acidic) and not good for your body chemistry PERIOD. Drink PURE CLEAN water – as a general rule you should take your body weight and divide it in half, then drink that amount of water each day. If that is too much try to drink at least half a gallon. Drink between meals mostly, and only small amounts with meals. Water is great for the skin, Vertebral Discs, and may prevent many types of headaches. Many people are dehydrated and don’t even know it!

Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it. The body operates as a “whole” so you have to take care of ALL of it. Take care of just part of it and some other part will suffer. You do want to get rid of the ACNE don’t you?

This may not cure your acne, but you will notice results and not just in your skin, but in the way you feel. And it’s really hard to gain weight while eating Organic. So if weight is also a problem for you – then you kill two birds with one stone. Give it a try! Acne like Mosquitoes is just another one of those annoying things we can do without.

I hope you do cure your Acne without the need for acne medication. There is no known single “cause” of adult or teen acne. You have to keep trying to find our own “triggers”. Acne treatment doesn’t have to involve drugs and they may actually mask the real culprit.

It has been shown that a highly acidic body promotes Acne. Be sure to read our articles about PH Testing. Most people have never even heard of PH Testing, and your Doctor probably is unfamiliar with PH Testing as well.

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