IV Drips – Intravenous Therapy

This is not the same as Intrathecal drug delivery. IV drips can be anything from drugs to vitamins or minerals. The reason this is valid and helpful treatment modality is the medication or vitamins/minerals go directly into the veins bypassing the stomach.

Most people do not realize that oral vitamin consumption may only deliver as little as 5 to 15% of the vitamin to your system. People who are ill generally absorb even less! You’re intestinal tract is your “Second Brain” full of nerves and needs the care an attention the rest of your spine receive. Opportunistic pathogens in one area of the body may prevent another area of the body from receiving the healing attention it needs. The body is a whole!

This is a complex topic whose use extends from Mainstream to Alternative Therapies. The whole point is to bypass the digestive tract and deliver Nutrition/Drugs directly to the bloodstream.

Visit this link to learn more about Intravenous Therapy

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