John McCain’s Health Plan is a Disaster for Family Health Insurance

John McCain is clearly out of touch.  As someone who has full Federal Health Insurance benefits he is clueless as to the real cost of Family Health Insurance.

According to research done my Kaiser:

In 2007, employer health insurance premiums increased by 6.1 percent – two times the rate of inflation. The annual premium for an employer health plan covering a family of four averaged nearly $12,100. The annual premium for single coverage averaged over $4,400.

Clearly McCain’s proposal of a paltry $5,000 (and $2,500 for singles) won’t even cover HALF the cost of coverage.  Furthermore by forcing busy working families to recruit their own coverage a climate of confusion and plan anxiety is created.  Most companies have specialists to investigate plans for their employees.  Can an individual understand all the legalese in Health Plan contracts?

Factor in the fact that McCain’s plan offers NOTHING for people with pre-existing conditions and the recipe for Health Insurance Disaster is complete!

McCain is out of touch.  And this is just another example.

Washington Post Editorial comment:

In the individual market, administrative costs as a share of premiums are more than 20 percent higher than costs in employer-group markets and in public plans. So much for greater efficiency. Moreover, premiums in the individual market vary by health status, age and geographic location — three factors on which the McCain plan’s tax credits would not vary. The result would certainly be that more people who are sick or are getting up in years or who live in high-cost areas such as Washington would not have health insurance. – LISA DUBAY, Director of Policy Studies, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, School of Public Health, Baltimore

As a former employee of a Major Health Insurance Provider I can tell you that individual plans not only cost more they offer less to the insured.

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