Looking for Lower Back Pain Relief? Lumbar Pain?

Statistics on low back pain are not only alarming they are downright scary. Most people will experience back pain or neck pain during their lifetime. Most people are clueless as to why until it’s too late. Low Back Pain is serious and will occur in 80% of us during our lives!

If you have Lower Back Pain of ANY kind please please take the time to read this VITAL information.

Ask your Physician if you have any symptoms that would be contradicted by Inversion Therapy. That’s right – hanging upside down. Better than traction because you use decompress the ENTIRE spine. And NO you don’t have to hang completely upside down. All you need is an Inversion Table which allows you to adjust the angle of decline. Inversion Chairs are also available. Inversion therapy allows the vertebrae and discs to decompress and absorb nutrients. Tables may be covered by your Insurance Plan and are tax deductible if prescribed by your Physician.

Urgent: If you are considering Fusion please take the time to also consider ADR (Artificial Disc Replacement). Visit the Global Patient Network and read everything you can BEFORE you decide. GPN also sponsors a Forum called ISPINE.ORG where you will have the opportunity to read what others think and post your own questions.

Please if you have lumbar pain let me urge you one more time to read the information on this page. It could give you your life back; pain free! Or it may just prevent you from developing disabling back pain in the future.

Until you personally experience Low Back Pain with or without Sciatica (which I hope you never will, but statistically 4/5 of you will be the unlucky recipients of it’s disabling effects) you can’t understand the devastating effects it has on your life.

You see the Human Spine actually starts the degenerative process during the second decade of life. That’s right between ages 10 and 20 the degeneration has already begun. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer lumbar pain. They don’t teach you this in school. By age 26 most of your discs have reached their full potential and will only begin the downward slide from there. I even read one authors quote that the Human Body is designed to last about 35 years and you are living on borrowed time after that! Believe it.

Recommended Sites: Lumbar Pain – Low Back Pain Relief Related

1. Stop your Sciatica Pain – Stop Sciatica is based on Pamela Kim’s expertise in teaching the Feldenkriais Method® of Somatic Education training. The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education and “skeletal engineering” are the foundation of this book. Pamela has been helping people overcome pain by helping to gently retrain the nervous system with these skills.

2. Back Pain – How to Get Rid of it! Learn “How to” STOP Muscle Imbalance and the often crippling pain it causes. I purchased this DVD in June 2005. The DVD is very short (about 20 minutes) and comes with an instructional pamphlet of sorts that shows the exercises for each of the types of muscle imbalances specific to the area of your back where you are experiencing the pain. By the time you read this I’m sure the product will be updated (I’m revising this message as I move to a new Blog Platform in July 2008). The exercises for “Head Forward” which have caused my neck Herniations are similar (but not the same) as the very specific exercises my Physical Therapist has me doing.

You should also note that to do the exercises for the Head Forward you will need to purchase an exercise ball and exercise bands. The exercise pamphlet the Neurologist gave me filled with Generic Exercises SIMPLY DID NOT WORK! And there is a reason for that! The exercises were not specifically tailored to the type an location of the pain I was having. This DVD walks you step by step through VERY SPECIFIC tests to determine the CAUSE of your pain! Update: July 2008 – the site now contains additional material.


Doctors will NOT tell you about muscle imbalances it’s the sad truth. If you have Sciatica the exercises are MUCH different than what I have found anywhere online on the big medical sites that come up first in the search engines. Recommended and worth the cost (It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the money I put in to Chiropractic, Massage, and Neurologists – None of which diagnosed my muscle imbalance correctly). Only this DVD and my PT were able to show me the “CAUSE” of my problem.) You may still need referral to physical therapy, but at least you will be ahead in the game and know what questions to ask and why your PT is telling you to do certain movements. Are you tired of the Pain? Give it a try! It’s nice to buy a product that really does what it says it will do. I am not saying this will work for everyone, but it sure opened my eyes!

Lets talk about treatment for back pain and sciatica. The first thing the Doctor is going to tell you is “most back problem heal themselves”. Statistically this is true, but unfortunately there are those of us whom do not fall on the “right” side of the statistical curve.

Then you will progress through a series of “cookbook” medicine. You will continue through each step until something finally works, your condition worsens to the point if surgery, or your body heals itself (which is impossible if UNTREATED MUSCLE IMBALANCE is causing your problem). And aside from genetic deterioration – Muscle Imbalance is the most likely cause.

Chiropractors want to manipulate your joints (some on a weekly basis). LMT’s (Licensed Massage Therapists) will try to massage your problem away. You may choose to visit Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons to get their opinions. You will try just about anything to STOP the pain. But the pain may not stop! Trust me I know!

I finally found a Physical Therapist that knows what she is doing. It actually can happen you can find Doctors who realize the true cause and don’t just prescribe “treatments” for the symptoms. The day I was tested for Muscle Imbalance was the day I finally began to BELIEVE I could get better. Again you can not “Fix” your back problem until you understand the cause. And how easy it is to “Fix” really depends on how much damage has been done.

Fix Your Muscle Imbalances and Stop Your LOW BACK PAIN!

What is Muscle Imbalance? Your spine is designed to have a natural “curve”. When properly aligned your spine supports your body without trouble. You are flexible and can move without pain. When you have poor posture or bad sitting, bending, sleeping habits your spine will bend in unnatural ways requiring your muscles to support the weight that should be supported by the spine. As a result some muscles become stronger to support the additional weight, while other muscles become weaker. Some will stretch and others will contract and shorten. Other support structures will also adapt to the new position such as ligaments and tendons. Your discs will bulge and potentially rupture (Herniate). This is a state of “Muscle Imbalance”.

You can not eliminate the problem until you fix the CAUSE. And the cause is nearly always the muscle imbalance and destructive forces on your soft tissues as your body adjusts to support your weight.

I can tell you, plead with you, and beg you to consider muscle imbalance as the CAUSE of your low back pain problem, but ultimately you must decide for yourself. Until you have been tested to see which muscles are weak, or until you have read the “science” behind the mechanics of the spine and muscle tissue you may choose not to believe. For those of you who choose not to believe (Or for the very few % of you who really do have conditions not caused by muscle imbalance) I wish you the best in either case.

How Did Your Back Pain Get So Bad

The human skeleton is an interconnected set of bones that are designed to work with one another to achieve flexible movement in gravity. The skeleton is our infrastructure while muscles, tendons and ligaments exist solely to assist the skeleton to achieve movement.

If one part of the skeleton stops moving, (much like an auto engine) other parts must take over the additional burden of the unmoving part. Like auto engines some parts that stop moving cause more serious consequences than others. For instance the pelvis is the most important moving part of our skeleton because it is our balance mechanism along with being the heaviest bone mass in our body. If the pelvis stops moving we lose our ‘skeletal’ ability to balance and the ‘ musculature’ begins to take over that role. The problem with relying on muscles to keep us in balance is that they are not designed to do so.

Muscles Versus Nervous System

Muscles receive the message to contract or release from your nervous system, but muscles cannot tell the nervous system to turn on or off. However, muscles can alert the nervous system of problems in the form of pain from fatigue due to lack of oxygen and chronic contraction. This is what most of us experience when we have chronic pain; muscle fatigue from contraction. We can get muscles to release with massage and other techniques; unfortunately it does not mean the muscles have ‘learned’ not to contract inappropriately. To re-train muscles the message must come from the nervous system to release based on the movements we are trying to execute. The whole process becomes more complicated because the nervous system sends messages to many muscles at once via neural pathways.

If you are trying to change how you do a movement such as reaching, the nervous system is sending a message throughout your system along a neural pathway. Your neural pathways are constantly being tweaked depending on pain, discomfort, injury and muscle contractions. Even as you move less and less your nervous system is actively changing to accommodate what you can do for that moment in time! The most direct way to help your system learn how to move without chronic pain and stiffness you must address the muscles from the message center; the nervous system.

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