Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery is any surgical procedure done with an Endoscope and a minimal incision. Unfortunately the definition varies, and an Endoscopic procedure can end up in a full incision depending on the procedure and needs of the patient.

As far as this applies to Spinal Procedures it’s main meaning is to remove only the offending portion of a disc through a small (Until it’s stuck in you!) needle like tube (Endoscope). The remaining portion of the disc is left intact. Search the NET for “Jho Proceedure” or Dr. Jho’s No Fusion Microforaminotomy for detailed information. Dr. Jho is one of many surgeons using Endoscopic Techniques, but I refer you to him as he explains a lot of the procedures.

Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery (aka PLDD Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression) A laser is threaded within a needle to the center of your disc then activated, the result is the water is evaporated out of the disc (the disc also contains fat) resulting in immediate shrinkage or resorption of the disc material and in practice for the right candidates this should reduce pressure on the nerves the disc was aggravating. Note this only works for the “right” candidates. You should note that this stops the pain for many, but it does not “fix” the disc. Once the pain is gone you must take dietary, postural, and lifestyle changes to ensure you do not cause further injury to your spine. Once the water is gone your disc is basically degenerated. You can read more about it at Dr. Daniel S.J. Choy Laser Spine Center. This link is not an endorsement, it’s a reference. I do not know Dr. Choy.

Note: While Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery may seem the best “Answer” at first, it really doesn’t mean anything. What matters is patient selection, your condition, and whether an Endoscopic approach is your best treatment option. A Surgeon should always choose the best procedure for you, and to approach the procedure from the least invasive method which accomplishes the objectives.

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