Neurography – Specialized MRI of the Nerves

Has anyone heard of Neurography? It’s not suprising if you have not, and even less surprising if your Doctor has not mentioned Neurography Scans. While it’s been around since 1992 the Doctor who “invented” and thus patented these scan sequences (Done on standard MRI equipment) isn’t about to give it up for the “general good”. But hey the owner of any patent is entitled to compensation. Medicine is about the money. Most insurance companies consider this “Unproven” which is total BS – it’s done on an MRI machine!!!

So what is Neurography? It’s simply an MRI scan of your Nerves. The special sequence and frequencies allow the Radiologist to see nerves otherwise hidden during traditional MRI scans. How can this advancement go ignored by the Medical Community at large? Money! They don’t want to pay the liscensing fees. It’s not about your health folks, it’s about the almighty dollar.

You are probalby going to have to travel and pay for this yourself, but if you do not yet have a confirmed diagnosis it may just be worth it. Imagine having spine surgery and NOT getting pain relief? Neurography may isolate which nerves are the ture pain source, confirming a diagnosis and making fusion not only unnecessary, but saving you the pain of surgery not needed. Afterall what matters most is an accurate Diagnosis!

What is wrong with the insurance companies? Instead of helping you get back on your feet and enjoying a pain free life now, they would rather pay for medical proceedures and treatments for the rest of you life? It just doesn’ t make sense. It’s no wonder American Medical care is the most expensive in the World and not even close to the top 25 in treatment according to the 2005 World Health Organization reports. For more information please visit the inventor at

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