New FDA Approved Non Drug Pain Treatment

Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment Device

Calmare Pain Treatment Device

This is NOT an advertisement. We make ZERO income from promoting or recommending the treatment option.  In fact I have not yet tried Calmare due to cost ($150 per session on average). I have an appointment scheduled with a Pain Treatment Center that uses the Calmare Device and hope it works!

Update Jan 31, 2011: I had one 45 minute treatment with the Calmare Pain Therapy system today. The treatment itself is not very painful. Once the surface electrodes are attached variable current is applied by the technician until you reach a point where you can feel the device but it is not causing you pain by itself. Electrodes are placed near your primary pain source but not on them. When current is applied it feels a lot like a pin prick. There is a small amount of electrical “twitching” which you may feel as well. The amount of sensation you receive is actually much less than from electronic acupuncture therapies. There is nothing that actually penetrates your skin. In short you shouldn’t have any fear of being hooked up to the device. Of course if you have a pacemaker you should tell your Doctor as that could be a problem.

Does it work? I don’t know yet. I do feel some relief in my neck area and my arms but it has only been a few hours, so I don’t know of the pain relief will “stick”. I also feel relief after heated ultrasound and massage. So who knows? Unfortunately I do not have the means to complete the standard 10 session protocol. However if you do… you should give this treatment option a serious run… it could prove life changing for you! For me? If I had the money I would continue on with treatment but sadly I don’t. Like most pain therapy there is a real cost – and it’s often expensive. At this point most insurance companies will not pay for the Calmare Pain Therapy.

While FDA Approved most insurance companies still consider this investigational and will NOT cover the cost (Isn’t that usually the case?).

For those of you who have “Tried Everything” this is another option.  I am NOT an expert on the Calmare Treatment, but I have read the material on how it works.

What makes Calmare Pain Treatment different is it is not intended to BLOCK pain signals, rather to retrain the brain into believing these signals are NOT pain (At least that is my understanding of the process – I hope to learn more soon).

Please watch the video and visit the Calmare Site to learn more.  I aplogize for the pop up window – But I believe this could be a Breakthrough for many pain patients; perhaps even the one drug free pain solution that actually works for you!

Company Website

Calmare Pain Treatment Company Website

Video about Calmare Pain Treatment

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