Nuvasive Neo Disc & Spinal Kinetics M6-C

Photos attached of both devices below text

Nuvasive NeoDisc

Nuvasive is manufacturing a Cervical Disc Replacement called “Neo Disc” or “NeoDisc”.   It’s my understanding this replacement disc has been in use in the UK for a few years, but here in the United States it is still undergoing Clinical Trials.

The Neo Disc is much different than previous disc implants as it contains a center core that provided disc absorption properties.

Spinal Kinetics M6 Cervical

M6 is an entirely different approach but also aims to offer multi-dimensional movement via an Artificial Nucleus, Artificial Annuylus, a Sheath and Fixation Plates.

Link: Spinal Kinetics M6-C

The M6-C has some scary looking keels to be sure, but it also looks very rugged and will hopefully stand the test of time.  At the time of this writing I know of no Clinical Studies in the United States so you’ll be heading to Europe if you believe this is your best option.

Which Cervical Implant is Right for You?

There is no correct answer, and you’ll here it time and again… every case is unique.  I like the idea behind the Nuvasive NeoDisc because it looks to be the least invasive and most likely to naturally replicate the movement of a natural disc.  Unfortunately only time will tell how these devices all will work out for the long haul.  Technology is rapidly improving… make the “right” choice and you could enjoy a lifetime of pain free living, the “wrong” choice and you may look forward to revision surgery.  This is the way it is – “It is what it is” and that sucks for many of us, but it also offers hope.   Whatever you choose it’s in your best interests to learn as much as you can (There are many excellent Forums you can research on; my favorite being Mark’s

Nuvasive NeoDisc Cervical Disc Brochure Page 1

Neo Disc Information

NuVasive NeoDisc Cervical Disc Brochure Page 2

Details NuVasive NeoDisc Implant

M6-C Spinal Kinetics Cervical Disc

Cutaway Spinal Kinetics M6-C

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