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If you are not sure there is a very simple blood test which measures your Micro Nutrient Levels – Ask Your Doctor or Chiropractor or ND.

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Where are the Best Places to Order Supplements and Vitamins Onine?

This page updated Nov 2015

It’s November 2015 as I write this UPDATE for the Vitamin Purchase page here on HealthSynergyRX.

Yesterday I purchased a little over $200 in supplements online and I compared prices on the following sites: VitaminShoppe, Vitacost, VitaminLife, LuckyVitamin, iHerb, Amazon, GNC, SupplementWarehouse, AllStarHealth, and a few others I’m forgetting. I basically went on Google and typed Online Vitamin Stores then opened up as many as I could find in a separate Tab on my Browser.  It took me about 2 hours… do you have that kind of time?  It’s worth the time for me because I spend upwards of $2,000 per year purchasing supplements online.

Below are the items I purchased and the Online Vendor I purchased from so you can do your own comparison should you choose to do so. I’m also going to add a little blurb for what they do for those who might not know.

Items Purchased from iHerb

  • St Dalfour, Organic, Lemon Tea – $3.32
  • St Dalfour Golden Peach Spread – $4.49
  • St Dalfour Organic Green Tea, mandarin Orange – $3.32
  • St Dalfour Black Raspberry Fruit Spread – $4.49
  • Bernard Jensen’s 100% Bovine Gelatin – $13.45
  • Now Foods, CurcuBrain (Longvida Turmeric) – $25.48
  • Natural Vitality, Natural Calm Organic Lemon – $24.61
  • Herbatint, Hair color Gel – $12.96
  • Life Extension Black Cumin Seed Oil – $12.00
  • Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate, Beef – $21.49

VIP Discount 10% (-$12.56) Available to all orders over $60 w/free shipping
Out the door cost including shipping (No Tax) $113.05

Supplement Purpose: St Dalfour Teas taste excellent, are well priced, and great for overall health. The spreads are added to my Organic plain Greek Yogurt and contain no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. The Gelatin and Collagen Hydrolysate are for joint health. The CurucBrain is a patented “Lonvida” formulation of Curcumin (Turmeric) that has been proven by UCLA Doctors to cross the blood brain barrier and is up to 65x better absorbed than plain Curcumin which is showing promise in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement I like which is well absorbed and easy on my stomach. Black Cumin Seed Oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory. I am not a Doctor so this is NOT Medical Advice. Do with it what you will.

Items Purchased from Amazon

  • Nutricology Pancreas, Beef – $7.89 x4
  • Now Foods Probiotic 10 25 Billion – 50 Vcaps – $14.90
  • Now Healthy Immune Drink Sticks – $7.79 x4
  • InnovixLabs Advanced Magnesium = $15.99

Out the door Cost: $101.20 + $7.13 Tax = $108.33

Supplement Purpose: Nutricology Pancreas is a digestive and/or systemic enzyme made from freeze dried Bovine Pancreas material. I find this works better for me than lab formulas like Enzymedica Digest Gold which are derived from mold and fungus. And it’s less expensive. There has been research done which suggests it’s effective in combating cancerous tumors when taken in large quantities. Now Probiotic is one of the most effective low cost Probiotic formulas and does not bother my stomach. Now Healthy Immune is great for preventing seasonal colds and contains Zinc, Vitamin D, and EpiCor. InnovixLabs Advanced Magnesium is made in America and contains highly Bioavailable Byglycinate and Malate forms of Magnesium which do not cause me to have stomach upset and do not cause me loose bowels. I have had 1 (Yes only 1) minor cold in the past 5 years.

Supplement Purchase Summary

Two average sized orders for me which include some food items. iHerb does not charge me tax, Amazon does. A few items I purchased were actually cheaper from AllStarHealth (And I do buy from them), but the difference was not enough to justify their $5.95 flat rate shipping this round of purchasing. Amazon was significantly cheaper on the items I purchased from them except for the Probiotic (but they were cheaper than iHerb on that item). InnovixLabs only sells through Amazon at this time.

One thing I love about iHerb is they put the expiration date right on the website for each item purchased. Also keep in mind when purchasing from Amazon you need to check if it is “Shipped and Sold” by Amazon. If it is not then I usually don’t buy it with the exception of products like InnovixLabs because they only sell direct through Amazon and I trust the brand.

I hope this is helpful in your own online purchases. I believe companies like VitaCost (Which is owned by Kroger Foods) and a few others may be good choices, but for me I find Amazon, iHerb, and AllStarHealth to be most cost effective. But I do like to check around to make sure things have not changed. I used to purchase more from VitaminShoppe and I do trust them, but only on items that are on sale because prices are a little bit higher.


AllStarHealth uses a crap shipping method unless you pay more. They send it out via UPS or Fed Ex which deliver to the Post Office then deliver to you. This delays shipping keep this in mind if you order Temperature Sensitive Items like Enzymes or Probiotics especially in the Summer.

Amazon “Free” Shipping is pathetic. For example my order which was placed on Monday Nov 2nd won’t even ship until Monday Nov 9th so I’ll be waiting a full week plus another couple of days. Usually it’s worth paying extra for shipping with Amazon to avoid this problem. In my view it’s just plain bullshit and I despise Amazon using this tactic to try and force people to pay more. But in this case I’m not out of these items and they are not temperature sensitive this time of year. The other Downside to Amazon is you really have no idea what warehouse they are shipping from as the items could come from any part of the country.

iHerb is normally very good for shipping. “Free” shipping on orders from $20 to $60 works the same was as AllStarHealth… orders go via Fed Ex or UPS then to post office causing delays. However TAKE NOTE HERE if your order is over $60 or maybe it’s actually $40 you can select “expedited” shipping and it will go regular UPS Ground and iHerb usually pulls orders from their Warehouse in California very quickly. Be sure to select it in the shopping cart otherwise it will default or regular (And slower) shipping. You also have the option of paying for faster service.

My Opinions on the Online Stores I purchase from which may Benefit Your Shopping Online

IMPORTANT: I believe like most ND’s, MD’s, and other Health Professionals we should get the majority of our Vitamins and Minerals from whole foods. But it’s not always possible.

Click Link to Visit: iHerb
Discount Link: iHerb – $10 Off 1st Order
Location: Moreno Valley California.
Coupon: If above links do not work type into shopping car this code: MOL070 (M as in Michael, O as in Orange, L as in Love, zero, seven, zero). This gets you $10 off your first order
Discount Rates: Tiered “VIP” Discounts: 4% $60+, 5% $120+, 6% $240+, 7% $480+, 8% $960+
Special Offer: Free Ground Domestic Shipping on Orders over $40.

Because of the amount I spend I usually qualify for additional percentage off discounts and ALWAYS get FREE SHIPPING.  Plus iHerb is the ONLY company I’ve found that lists the EXPIRATION DATES of each item right on their site!  This is vital as you do not EVER want to take expired vitamins.

All orders are taken via the Internet to keep costs down . And while you can not order over the telephone there are toll free customer service numbers should a problem arise. This is strictly a warehouse operation (Giant 360,000 sq ft Warehouse). iHerb has a very large selection of products and also include some food items. Shipping is fast and orders are pulled on a timely basis. I had an order from iHerb arrive and one of the bottles was broken on the inside as a result of poor handing not by iHerb, but by UPS and iHerb quickly and promptly replaced the items upon my notifying them. This is good service. Prices are very competitive with other online retailers, and usually a bit cheaper. Until I found All Star Health I bought nearly everything at iHerb.  However All Star (Read Below) doesn’t carry all of the items I need.

Click link to visit: All Star Health Supplements
Location: Huntington Beach California.
Special Offer: $5.95 Shipping on any size order large or small.

Excellent pricing, very fast shipping, and flat rate charge. Operates stores and ships direct via the internet. All Star offers a very large selection of top brand vitamins and supplements. All Star Health also offers the fastest shipping, and I don’t just mean shipping time at the carrier – I mean from the time you order until they send the package on it’s way. I placed an order one evening and had the product in my hands via UPS Ground in 48 hours. Granted it only had to ship a few hundred miles, but that is still incredibly fast! And no matter how large or small your order is the shipping is still only $5.95 (That’s an incredible value). Everything in my order was packaged nice and secure with no damage to any of the products. I can not recommend them highly enough. If you live outside the State of California you do not pay the sales tax.

Click Link to Visit:  Vitamin Shoppe
Location: 400 Stores in 40 States
Downside: You’ll pay sales tax if you live in a State with Stores.

I like Vitamin Shoppe it’s a good operation, but the prices tend to be a bit higher than my two favorites. If you have a store in your area you can print out the price of their website and take it into the store and they will honor it. Shipping is free on orders over $99. Most products ship from the East Coast. This is my 3rd choice and I’ll check here when I find All Star Health or iHerb are out of stock.

Do I shop for Vitamins anywhere else?

Locally if I’m in a rush or if I’m buying a product that requires refrigeration.

What to look for when Buying Vitamins Online

Sadly most Grocery Store band vitamins, including Costco are absolute Garbage.  If you want to know more about vitamins read these two articles:

The Truth About Vitamins

The Truth About Minerals in Supplements

  1. Does the Website tell you their physical address?
  2. Do they publish a return policy?
  3. Do they offer toll free customer service?

If they don’t then skip them. I ordered some Douglas Labs products online from a Vendor in California and it took nearly 10 days for them to show up. The company I bought from was just one of those Internet Sites that is just a front for a drop shipper. Unfortunately Douglas Labs usually sells direct to Health Care Providers and not through retail, so I didn’t have much choice.

Vitamin Brands Rated by my Experience

Note:  Watch out for fillers, binding agents, preservatives, and vegetable stearates.  You’ll pay more for vitamins without these additives, but it may be worth it!  This list is NOT inclusive as there are so many brands I simply can not cover them all.

  • Bob’s Red Mill – The very best in Organic Cereal Grains, which I no longer eat due to most of them spiking blood sugar and Phytic Acid in grains blocking the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.
  • Bernard Jensen – Quality Gelatin Supplement
  • Country Life BioChem – Good average stuff
  • Doctors Best – Generally a good brand for the price.
  • Douglas Labs – Pretty Good quality but not as good as their marketing hype would leave one to believe.
  • Dr. Bronner’s – the best in Castile Soaps
  • Dr. Woods – Cut rate Dr. Bronners
  • Garden of Life – Good quality, usually high priced… since they sold now source from China I don’t trust them as much as I used to
  • Great Lakes – Quality Collegen Hydrolysate and Gelatin
  • Healthy N Fit – The best Egg Protein I’ve found but expensive
  • InnovixLabs – High Quality American Made – good magnesium supplement
  • J.R. Liggett’s – Good Shampoo Bar but a bit waxy feelingJarrow Formulas – Generally a good brand. Some good “mixes” or “powders”.
  • Life Extension – Good quailty across the board
  • Natrol – Average
  • Natural Vitality – Quality Magnesium Supplement
  • Natures Gate – I really like their fluoride free toothpaste
  • New Chapter – High Quality, but High Prices and I’m not convinced by their Marketing Hype
  • Now – Across the board pretty good quality. Kind of the Toyota of Vitamin Supplements.
  • Nutricology – Good quality, I really like their Enzymes (Pancreas)
  • ReserveAge Organics – Best Ubiquinol (Active CoQ10).
  • Sedona Labs – Good stuff, high quality usually
  • Solgar – Middle of the road I like the brown bottles but not so much the quality
  • Source Naturals – Depends on the specific product
  • Thorne Research – Good quality, free of most fillers.  Upper Echelon
  • Weleda – Good German Toothpaste
  • Xylichew – Good Gum
  • Yerba Prima – The Best Fiber!

This list is NOT inclusive, there are other good brands.  Companies change suppliers, ownership, etc. over time and some improve and some get worse.  Again I am NOT a Doctor so these are my opinions and in accordance with the FDA not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.