Physical Therapy

Standard Physical Works for some, not for others. Much of the success of Physical Therapy lies within your ability to perform the exercises on your own, and the quality of instruction and care. Please have your body tested for muscle imbalances (If your therapist can not do this then move on to one who can). Muscle imbalance occurs when one muscle group is shorter or tighter than an opposing muscle group.

You may want to seek out a PT with Med-X Equipment (Invented by Arthur Jones the inventor of Nautilus Exercise Equipment) and the only equipment in my research the specifically isolates the inner core muscles of the spine. Visit Spinedex (Scottsdale, AZ) or Med-X for more information.

I can also recommend you try Robin McKenzie’s 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life. The 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life book is inexpensive is a real help for many. The book helped me personally “centralize” my pain within a few weeks. Do a search online for Murray Maitland and Robin McKenzie for specific methods of Physical Therapy.

Robin McKenzie is a well known Australian Physiotherapist and founder of the McKenzie Institute and creator of the McKenzie Method.

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