Prolotherapy is a treatment option that you may have never heard of involving the injection of “irritants” to invoke a inflammatory response and promote the body’s natural healing process. This practice applies to ligaments and tendons. I consulted with two Doctors who practice this treatment modality and both said I was not a candidate. So I can not give you a first hand account of it’s effectiveness. But for those candidates who are selected it could be the answer to their pain.

What conditions can Prolotherapy Help?

Developed in the 1940’s by Dr. George Hackett, Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair painful areas. Its effectiveness is wide-ranging and includes pain associated with: the back, the neck, all joints throughout the body, arthritis, migraines fibromyalgia, sciatica, herniated discs, and TMJ. Most neck, back and other musculoskeletal pain is due to weakness of ligaments and tendons. Since ligaments and tendons are the connective tissues that hold our muscles to bone, and bone to bone, both must be taut and strong.

Prolotherapy has been shown to be equally effective at eliminating the pain of such conditions as arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, loose joints, TMJ Syndrome, tendonitis, sciatica, herniated discs and degenerated joints.

There are currently only about 500 physicians who practice Prolotherapy in the United States. With the recent rise in popularity, however, this number is expected to multiply greatly within the next few years.

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Prolotherapy Video Explaining the Treatment

Prolotherapy is the treatment of soft-tissue damage through the use of injections. The injections lead to inflammation in the area, and the body reacts by increasing the blood supply and sending more nutrients to the area, resulting in tissue repair. It’s not often that a QUALITY explanation from a MEDICAL DOCTOR is available for FREE. I found this San Diego Physician Dr. Gary Matson’s Website while doing my own research. You can visit his site and Watch a FREE VIDEO explanation of Prolotherapy.

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