Recommended Health Forums including Spinal Surgery Discussion

This page is a list of links to places we have found where you can discuss your medical and health problems.

Medical Forums typically consist of people discussing problems they already have while Health Forums should be places people discuss preventative health concerns. However the terms seem to be used interchangeably.

Unfortunately many Health Forums get so into themselves that your freedom to post the truth is diminished by the Censors. We participated in a Forum about a particular Drug where the Moderators thought they were God. Anything you posted that didn’t directly coincide with their beliefs and you were immediately banned. We have participated in other Health Forums run by large Medical Interests where the sole purpose of their Medical Forums seemed to be the generation of revenues via “add clicks”.

Yes most of the Forums have a cost to run, but some take advertising to the extreme where all they care about is people clicking those ads so they can make money. Most people do not realize how lucrative some of those ads can be and the simple act of clicking puts money in the Board Owners pocket.

We believe Medical Forums have value, but it’s value is limited to “Discovery”. Discovery is the process of learning about things that would otherwise be unknown to you. First and foremost if you are not running your Medical Forum for the benefit of the visitor then you are not providing a service of value.

Medical Forums – Discuss Your Health Conditions

  • iSpine – International Spine Patient Information Network – Several things come to mind when I visit this Forum. The first is the amazing job that is being done as this is basically moderated by a single individual – Mark Mintzer. Mark is amazing because of his relentless dedication to the pursuit of better alternatives to Fusion Surgeries. And his efforts speak from the Heart (Having suffered failed back pain surgeries, followed by successful ADR surgery). If you are considering any kind of Spinal Surgery you would be remiss not to investigate Artificial Disk Replacement – and iSpine is the leader in the field of Spine Patient Information. Get informed! And once you are informed you should seriously consider using the services of Global Patient Network to help yourself get in front of the World’s most Experienced Disc Replacement Surgeons. You only get one spine!
  • Brain Talk Communities – This is the best place we have found to discuss your general medical problems with other suffering individuals. Posts can get a little off topic as people using this Forum tend to look more for compassion and support than outright information. Brain Talk is one of the few Medical Forum communities that allow you to post links to health related sites and don’t jump the gun and ban you for incidental postings.
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