Rising Health Care Costs

Paper CurrencyRising health care costs may just put Health Care for the middle class out of reach. Have you read about the cure for arthritis? – Just buy this pill or this book to find out. Everything is for sale; why? Why are some things just done for the social good? Why do Doctors need to make $400 and hour to tell you they can’t help you? Need a cure for acne, send $19.95 to ABC Corporation and we’ll send you the cure. I see these type of websites every single day. Does any of this work? Who knows? Do you have the money to throw at these last resort sites? Is there anyone out there is cyberspace that really wants to help people? This is the “Fringe of Medicine” marketed to those who are looking for relief not found inside the hollowed halls of medicine.

There are a lot of quick buck artists, con men and dishonest peole praying on the suffering masses. I’ve been there, in so much agony that I will try just about anything that seems even remotely logical. And sometimes I’d rather spend that $100 on a “chance” than on food for the next two weeks. Unfortunatly these “cures” are not cures at all, just more rehashed alternative, untested snake oil. But don’t expect this trend to reverse itself. With rising health care costs many who would seek more traditional help are forced directly into the hands of these con artists. How does one know? The first rule of thumb is to use common sense. If it’s for sale on the internet it’s likely being pushed by an individual with no credentials. Our site makes no claims of “cures”. We are an information provider. We open your eyes to what might work so you can research it further. We run ads on our site but we do not sell anything directly. We have no reason to mislead.

Where are the Health Care Philanthropists?

Are there any doctors or people of knowledge willing to share their expertise without a fee or at a reduced fee? Ted Turner donated 1 billion Dollars to charity after he sold Turner Network Broadcasting. Sure he kept a billion for himself, but he did set an example for the rest of us! The most noted Amalgam Doctor (whose name I will not mention), but is based in Colorado has a whole line of stuff he sells – stuff means books, and vitamins and information. He’s making a living! I can’t get off his mailing list. Why give away information that could help turn your Health around, when he can charge you for it? How much is enough?

The Doctors online who are in it for the good of humanity are few and far between. I love Dr. Mercola’s site, but he’s got quite the sales machine set up as well. And I will not speak for his intent, at least he doesn’t try to sell you information, only products. And the products are expensive, so you may not be able to heed his advice. Do you have an outlet for natural grass fed buffalo meat in your local market? It’s all about the money. You know the saying – if they say it’s not about the money, then it is about the money.

If there were cures for acne, tooth decay, cancer, etc. Cures that were natural and cheap – why not publish it for the good of mankind? Why not give it away? Because there is so much money treating disease. There is little money in treating healthily people. Preventative medicine is not nearly as lucrative.

It’s sad but if they do developed a cure for AIDS, I doubt the victims will have the means to buy it. Got to make that profit. If I had the answers to these questions I’d be publishing the answers. I don’t. All I publish is research and information I find from a variety of sources. I hope that my presentation of this information in a “FREE” format helps some people. Well it’s free to those of you who can afford computers and internet access and are able to find my site.

I can not afford to pay the outrageous costs of hiring a company to promote a site like this. So I don’t expect too many people to find it. Which is sad, because it might actually help them. I pay for the hosting. I spend hundreds of hours doing research and I put it on this site. But even I have some financial incentive. I don’t sell products, but that is not to say at some point I won’t, because I need to pay my bills too. But I have no plans on ever charging for information. I create some of my own materials and publish the works of others. But everything does have a costs. So do your part when you can. If you can help someone in some way – just do it! It will make you feel better and it will make the world a better place for man kind. Suffering is not what life is about. Being happy and healthy is where it’s at. And in my view that shouldn’t have a price tag, but unfortunately it does. Lets all try to keep that price tag as low as possible.

The sad truth: Health Care Costs are Through the Roof!

Prescriptions, Doctor Visits, Surgery, Chiropractic Care, Dental Care, you name it – if it’s Health Care related it’s going to be expensive. People without the financial resources to hire the practitioners in the medical field they need, are going to suffer. The Government is not going to bail you out (at least not in the USA). And for those of you who think that Insurance is the answer you’re sadly mistaken. Someone is paying those premiums. I always grin when I hear something like “I only pay $10 copay for each visit”. And that’s true – plus the amount that is deducted from your check each month, plus your employer contribution. And if you use the services too much the rates go up. And you often don’t get to choose the type of care you get. If that plan says they will pay for an Amalgam filling, but not a composite filling, then you have to decide if your health is worth a few extra bucks to put a safe material into your mouth instead of what is in the plan. Do you know what your insurance covers? The simple truth is no money, no Health Care.

I laugh when I see the local “fund raising” campaign each year for the local children’s hospital. Why? Because while the local grocery chain is asking me to Donate a Dollar to the cause the retired CEO is pulling down 7 figures. It’s insane. The Management of most Hospital or Insurance organizations are grossly overpaid. And who foots the real bill – you do if you are lucky enough to afford the bill.

You’ve heard the term “not-for-profit”. While there are legitimate benefactors that would be unable to operate under any other identity, for the most part not-for-profit is really just a way for big corporations to avoid the burden of taxes. The “Management” is still pulling in huge salaries. To me Not-for-profits are mostly tax shelters created for wealthy CEO’s and upper management.

I required outpatient surgery in May 2005. My physician has Hospital privileges at one of the mega-hospital chain’s local Hospitals. The local FOR PROFIT outpatient surgical center charged me $750 for use of their facilities for what amounted to about 4 hours time in the facility, and a half hour procedure. The local behemoth not-for-profit Hospital company (Who runs television ads locally telling everyone what great stewards they are to the community) quoted me $1,700 for the same procedure. EXACT SAME PROCEDURE. My physician has privileges at both. It’s not hard to see why I didn’t go the not-for-profit route. I gave the billing clerks at both companies identical Medicare procedure codes and was quoted these prices. Not having insurance, I obviously chose the cheaper of the two – the FOR PROFIT outpatient center. Seems kind of ironic doesn’t it? The company paying taxes charged me $950 less than the company not paying taxes! Something is askew, and I can’t fix it, and don’t expect the politicians to fix it anytime soon either. There are just some things in life you can’t control. You know the cliche’ Death and Taxes, well you can throw Health Care costs in the mix as well.

It’s not a joke; if you are not fortunate enough to have some kind of real medical coverage (sponsored in whole or part) by your employer then you are out of luck if you become seriously ill. Take care of yourself and hope for the best. And don’t expect the doctors to care. The first thing they always ask me when I call ANY medical office is “Who is your insurance company”, followed by a pause of silence when I tell them VISA. They then follow up with all the prepayment requirements. Health Care is not about Caring it’s about MONEY. Everything comes down to dollars, and your ability to pay.

So the next time you are about to shovel a donut into your mouth, or drink another cola, light up a smoke, down another beer, or super-size those French Fries, think about what it could really end up costing you. Money feeds the machine that allows you access to help. Without it YOU WILL NOT receive help. Even with it, you may not get the help you need. Because in addition to money you need a referral from a competent primary care physician to see the specialist who may or may not be able to help you. And whether they help you or not they still bill you, and they take their cut right up front.

Save on Rising Health Care Costs – A Simple Solution?

WAKE UP FOLKS! Nutrition is your best answer. Sure it’s not full proof, but it keeps you in the “Healthy” category longer than any other preventative method. I’d say “Posture” is equally as important. Learn what is most beneficial to your body, avoid unnecessary risks, and keep your stress level as low as possible. Do whatever you can to try and get on some kind of subsidized (Employer) medical plan, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

There are no guarantees in life, and you won’t realize how valuable your health is until you lose it, and by then you may not be able to afford to buy your way back into some reasonable facsimile of what your old healthy life used to be like.

Trust me I know – $15,000 in 9 months and my bills are still mounting (I’m now over $50,000 out of pocket as I update this post). And am I feeling the results of the expenditure. And the additional stress isn’t making my health any better. I sure am lucky I saved what I made last year – I’m feeling it (pain) in my ability to pay my bills and survive. Am I any better from the care purchased? Possibly, and possibly it’s just time and good nutrition that are the real underlying factors in my healing. Good luck to you all – get insurance (and make sure you understand the plan). If you don’t have or can not afford insurance I hear God is pretty understanding, you might want to get on real good terms with him in this life, because you may be meeting him sooner than you expected?

There is not sarcasm here – I want to JOLT you into the fact that anyone at anytime in any place may suffer injury or life threatening illness. Do not take your health for granted. And be prepared to open that wallet before, during and after. It’s the sad reality – illness is expensive!

I’d like to end this little tirade of mine with this: I know what I am talking about. I worked for several years in the accounting department of a huge hospital/insurance corporation. I saw the kind of money the middle managers were pulling down to sit at their desks. I saw the “denied claims”. I know what it takes to get your claim paid, and I know that many companies will first deny your claim then only pay you if you complain. What may be life threatening to you may be only a “cosmetic” procedure to them. Do you really get what you pay for? Who knows? Life is short, let me say this again: Don’t take your Health for granted. If you do, you may find that you simply don’t have enough money to buy your way out of the situation. Stop rising healthcare costs with preventative nutrition, proper posture, and a stress reducing lifestyle. Yes it’s easier said than done!

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