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If you don’t have Health Insurance you know how uneasy you feel about going to the Doctor whenever you become ill. You’re scared they might find something really expensive, when your only real priority should be your Health! If you are not on an Employer Sponsored Health Care plan, finding “affordable” Health Insurance can be a real daunting task. I’ve looked at just about every kind of Enrollment Process for the Uninsured seeking Coverage. As a former employee of a Large Health Insurance Company I have a good idea of what is a good plan vs what is not! This doesn’t make it any easier for me!

During my research I discovered eHealthInsurance so I took the time to see what they offer. And what they offer is a simple time-saving service to shop many Health Care providers at once with a single application. I was a little skeptical at first, then I read how States Regulate Insurance costs. eHealthInsurance is NOT making a profit off of your premiums. In fact States regulate insurance premiums to the point where every one who qualifies pays the same premium plan rates… it’s the law. eHealthInsurance makes their money not off you, but off the “lead”. This means that participating insurance companies pay them for your application. They are in effect buying your application from eHealthInsurance. This is how the business works, and it costs you nothing extra.

eHealthInsurance is NOT an insurance company. They are a lead generation service representing All the major Insurers like: Aetna, United Health Care, Blue Cross, pretty much every major company Nationwide. Like any other insurance business, you can’t make money without clients. And it’s expensive to advertise. So companies like eHealthInsurance are really providing a good service for everyone. Win/Win.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the application process and you are under no obligation to purchase from anyone. But this it a great way to find out what coverage plans you qualify for and how much they cost.


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